For Associations

Are you an industry association looking to share resources with your members? GLTAAC has funding available for small and mid-size manufacturers across Indiana, Michigan and Ohio. Qualifying requirements are simple, and GLTAAC staff can help determine whether a firm can benefit. Firms can qualify for up to $75,000 of matching funds.

We would like to partner with your association to share this opportunity with your members and serve as an additional resource in the industry. There are several easy ways we can provide information to your members and readership:

• We can send GLTAAC program information directly to you for distribution to your members (or send directly to members)

• We can provide a 45 minute presentation on the TAAF program to attendees at one of your upcoming local or regional association meetings

• We can send you an original blog post or article about the program for your online or print publication

• We are a good addition in your online “resources” webpage


Please contact us at (734) 998-6227, or email us at to discuss.