For consultants

GLTAAC has been working with private sector consultants, trainers and other public organizations since 1983. Our program supports a wide range of projects each year throughout Indiana, Michigan and Ohio.

Help Your Clients

Through the TAAF process, we help small and mid-size firms identify and develop projects to improve their business. GLTAAC does not implement projects. Rather, we contract third-party service providers who work directly with our clients.

GLTAAC provides firms with assistance for their projects, requiring firms to only pay 50% of project costs, making important initiatives more affordable. Cost is considered, but GLTAAC works with firms to make the best business decision. Selection places high importance on expertise and experience, with attention to deliverables and outcomes. Learn more about our program and process on this site.

Working with GLTAAC Firms

We are eager to learn about experts who share our mission to serve small and mid-size manufacturers that are facing unprecedented challenges. We regularly provide consultants for consideration to firms in our program when they are seeking outside expertise and evaluating options. We do not, however, use a preferred list of consultants.

Share the news about the TAAF Program


Send this GLTAAC flyer to your clients to help them learn about the TAAF program process and benefits.  Just click here to download our 1-page PDF overview.







Please contact us to learn about how program funding can help your firm and community.