How TAAF Works (and yes, U.S. manufacturing still needs it)

Here at the Great Lakes TAAC, we keep a close eye on how imports are affecting U.S. manufacturing.  As I’ve written in previous blog posts, the import threat is not going import prices falling calloutaway.  The low cost of imports is just getting lower.  That means a continued uphill battle for many manufacturers, especially the small and mid-sized companies that we work with.

We’d like to thank the Michigan Manufacturers’ Association for an article it recently published about how the TAAF program works.  While our website provides in-depth information about the program (please have a look around!), this article ties everything together in a single document. 

You can download a pdf of the MMA article by clicking here, or check it out in the July 2015 special issue of MiMfg

Please feel free to share the article with any manufacturers in Indiana, Michigan, or Ohio who have been hit by foreign competition (maybe that’s you).  GLTAAC is here to help them improve their businesses so they can better compete in today’s challenging global economy.

mfg import pricesNow that you know more about how TAAF works, have a look at my post Why TAAF Works.