Success Story – Humphrey Products

Humphrey Products, a Kalamazoo manufacturer with over 200 employees, was losing significant sales in one of its core markets to foreign competition. It used the TAAF program, via GLTAAC at the University of Michigan’s Economic Growth Institute, to research options for diversification.

GLTAAC helped the company identify, develop, and implement 2 major market research projects.  GLTAAC did not perform the market research; rather, it identified the best private sector provider to do the work, which turned out to be a Michigan consulting firm based in Zeeland, then paid for half the cost (which totaled $150K).


According to Dave Maurer, President of Humphrey, “Our experience with GLTAAC has been nothing short of outstanding.  They have been very helpful and easy to partner with, and introduced us to the consultant, which was the perfect provider for the type of market research we needed.  With this intelligence we have been able to confidently diversify our products’ markets thanks to GLTAAC – their advice and financial assistance has helped position us to develop major new revenue generating programs.”