Below is a list of frequently asked questions about GLTAAC. If you need more information, please call us at (734) 998-6227 or email gltaac@umich.edu.

Who is eligible for assistance?
US companies that have been in business at least two years and have experienced at least a 5% decline in both sales and employment. A significant portion of these declines must be the result of increased imports of directly competitive products. There are several alternative eligibility criteria and our staff are adept at helping impacted companies qualify. Please see qualification requirements.
I am not sure if my company is eligible. How can I find out?
Call or email us. In most cases, it takes less than five minutes on the phone to figure out if you’re likely to qualify. The Great Lakes TAAC has decades of experience helping companies access the TAAF program. Although the basic eligibility criteria are fairly straightforward, several variations and alternatives exist – we will guide you through all the options and help determine if your company qualifies.
What is the cost of the program?
Initially, there is no cost to apply for the program, and the help we provide to prepare the application (called a Petition) is done at no charge. After application to the program, the Adjustment Plan process has a cost. The cost is shared between the company and the Economic Development Administration. Companies pay 25% of the cost of developing their Adjustment Plan (typically $1,000 – $2,000). There are no further fees for the program. When using co-funding, the firm is required to spend its 50% share on the projects
How much co-funding can a company get through the program?
Firms can qualify for up to $75,000 for project assistance.
Is the information about my business going to be shared with other government agencies?
No. None of the information you provide is disclosed to any other federal, state or local agency. Before a firm’s Petition is approved and it is certified into the program, law requires that cursory information about the company (name, address and primary products) be published in the Federal Register. This is the only information that is released to the public. See confidentiality.
Who decides which projects need to be done?
You do. GLTAAC has helped hundreds of import-injured companies plan and execute high-impact business improvement projects over the past 38 years, and we will work with your firm’s management team to identify and develop the most critical projects for you, but the final decision about what projects to do is yours. Companies often have initiatives in mind when entering the program but, at the very least, the Adjustment Plan process helps to clarify goals, codify the details, and prioritize next steps.
How long does it take before my firm can get started on consulting projects?
The average time is five to six months. This includes the amount of time needed for EDA to review and certify the Petition, the time needed for the assessment process and drafting of your Adjustment Plan, and the time required by EDA to approve the Plan.
Can a company use the program to undertake projects without doing an Adjustment Plan?
No. The Adjustment Plan serves as the justification for all of the projects a firm wishes to do through the program. Each project must improve the competitiveness of the company; and together they must address all of the most pressing issues facing the firm. The Plan is thus an integral component of the program. Importantly, most companies say the planning process in-and-of-itself is worth the time and money required.
What kind of projects will the program help co-fund?
Project co-funding can help with many initiatives, including lean manufacturing, sales training and market diversification. The work is always performed by third party service providers (consultants, trainers, etc.).  The co-funding cannot be used for regular ongoing business expenses such as tax preparation, advertising costs, or organizational memberships. See “Projects We Fund” for more information.
Can my company use the TAAF assistance to purchase equipment?
No. You can only use the program for services provided by external consultants, trainers, or other professionals. The program cannot be used for capital equipment, software or other goods.
Can my company use the program to implement the projects ourselves?
No. The program can only help assist with contract-based work performed by outside consultants and service groups.
How does my company find the consultants?
You can do it, but we will help if needed. Many firms already know of potential providers for some of their projects, and these consultants can be included in the selection process. However, if you don’t, GLTAAC has worked with hundreds of consultants over the years. We also are experienced at identifying new providers that might be a good fit for your specific needs – so we can offer alternatives. Importantly, the Great Lakes TAAC does not utilize preferred providers or have any special certification requirements. This means you aren’t limited in who you can use for a job. It also means we have no incentive to recommend any particular consultant for a project. Our only goal is to help you find the provider that can best meet your own specific needs.
Who picks the consultants?
The firm and GLTAAC do jointly. All major projects through the program must be competitively bid. The company and GLTAAC then evaluate all proposals using the same scoring criteria. In the very rare instances where the two parties do not initially select the same provider (which occurs < 3% of the time), we work together until consensus is achieved. All selections are based on sound business reasoning.
Do we always have to use the lowest cost provider?
No. GLTAAC believes in finding the best value for each project. This entails also considering each consultant’s experience and expertise, the fit of their project plan to your needs, and timing.
Who handles all the paperwork?
GLTAAC does. For example, we compile and circulate the final contract. GLTAAC will also manage the front-end administrative functions, like finalizing and releasing the RFP, leaving you free to concentrate on running your business.
What happens if my company doesn’t like the consultant or we have a problem with a project?
Though this rarely happens, GLTAAC is there to help if it does. And our contract permits you to cancel a project at any time if your firm is dissatisfied with the consultant’s work.
Can my firm use the program for more than one project?
Yes, most companies do. The vast majority of company Adjustment Plans include at least one top-line and one bottom-line project. Also, many significant initiatives require multiple projects, with multiple providers (for example, market diversification). The TAAF program is well structured to accommodate such needs.
How long will my firm have to use co-funding from the program?
Most firms have up to five years to use their TAAF project assistance. Some, however, use the assistance within 3-4 years of Adjustment Plan approval. Faster use of the program (less than 3 years) usually cannot be supported by GLTAAC due to budgetary constraints. Such requests can be considered and will depend on current funding availability.

Please call with any questions at (734) 998-6227, or email gltaac@umich.edu.