Success Stories

GLTAAC has worked with over 300 import injured companies. Our clients use GLTAAC planning and co-funding to help them reclaim their competitive edge. Here is a sampling of our client success stories.

Humphrey Products – Kalamazoo, Michigan

Humphrey Products worked with the TAAF program to beat import competition through diversification. GLTAAC connected Humphrey with the right consultant to tackle Humphrey’s complex market research needs. Read more


Yoder_Image_smallerjpgYoder Lumber – Millersburg, Ohio

Founded in 1944, Yoder Lumber grew steadily until it encountered stiff import competition and the Great Recession. Then, TAAF planning and matching funds helped the company improve efficiency, as well as its marketing plan. Read the Case Study


Caster Concepts
Caster Concepts – Albion, Michigan

Caster Concepts made their TAAF Adjustment Plan and co-funding a significant part of the company’s successful business transformation.  Read the Case Study



UHI-heaterUltra-Heat – Elkhart, Indiana

Ultra-Heat fought a tough economy and global competition with the help of TAAF assistance.  The company used its co-funding to improve both top and bottom lines. Read more



 Ferriot_Image smallerFerriot, Inc. – Akron, Ohio

In 2011, Ferriot was faced with the need to diversify its custom injection molding business. The company used TAAF co-funding first to identify new markets, and then to create a website. Read the Case Study



Overton_Image_smallerOverton Industries – Mooresville, Indiana

In 2010, Overton was looking to expand its market and increase sales: “We weren’t in a crisis, but we were working hard to avoid one.” TAAF co-funded projects helped identify diversification opportunities, a new marketing strategy, and export potential. Read the Case Study