As your firm implements its plan, GLTAAC will cover 50% of the cost of third-party experts (consultants, trainers, other providers).  This assistance can be used with a wide range of projects such as lean manufacturing, sales development, market planning, employee training, quality certification and numerous others (see a list of examples). While assistance can be used for a broad range of initiatives, it cannot be used for capital equipment, building repairs, employee salaries or regular business expenses.

Firms can qualify for up to $75,000 in matching funds, making crucial projects very accessible. Assistance is available for five years, but firms sometimes move as quickly as three years if program funding can support.


Program funding is not provided directly to the firm.  Rather, consultants bill GLTAAC for 50% of the costs, helping you leverage your limited resources.

Consultant Selection

Companies select the private sector consultants who will work on their projects in conjunction with GLTAAC staff.  Our goal is to ensure TAAF projects are well designed, will deliver high value, and fit the specific needs of the firm. While all projects must be priced within market norms, the consultant used need not always be the lowest cost provider.

The Great Lakes TAAC does not have preferred relationships with consultants or require any special certifications, which means the program does not limit the providers that can be used for projects. However, GLTAAC has worked with hundreds of different consultants over the years and can offer potential providers based upon this experience when a firm is uncertain about who to consider for a particular project.