October 17, 2022: Quality training is first TAAF project for Ohio aerospace supplier

Providing top-notch quality for their customers is vital for this Ohio metal parts manufacturer. With that goal in mind, the GLTAAC client undertook a TAAF co-funded project to train an internal auditor on the AS9100D standard. The onsite training was led by a certified auditor and was customized to fit the manufacturer’s core processes and requirements. The project was completed in less than one week, but provided the firm’s employees with long-term skills.


October 3, 2022: Michigan’s Team 1 Plastics improves productivity, strengthens worker skills with TAAF co-funding

When Team 1 Plastics updated their maintenance software system, the company knew that their workers needed training to maximize the software’s potential. So, Team 1 Plastics used TAAF matching funds to hire the software’s producer to provide hands-on training for their maintenance team. The training covered all aspects of the software’s new productivity-enhancing features, including inventory control, parts ordering, and KPI reporting. States Craig Carrel, President of Team 1 Plastics, “GLTAAC allowed our company to send employees for further training and support, which enables us to increase the skills and impact of our maintenance department.”


September 20, 2022:  Automation project improves productivity, worker skills for Indiana manufacturer

As part of their strategy to improve cycle time and throughput, this Indiana GLTAAC client used TAAF co-funding to help implement an automated robotic welding system. Working with an outside consultant, they first provided extensive, hands-on training for four workers in a two-week class. When the same consultant delivered the robot and components, the four trainees were involved with everything from installation to on-site programming/quality control. The consultant then worked with the trainees during the 1st week of full production. The robotics cell is now live, and contributing to increased product throughput. Total cost of the training/installation project was $125,000 (TAAF paid 50%).


September 12, 2022:  Ohio firm improves internal processes and training with financial systems project

Before this plastic injection molder got started with a new ERP system, they realized they would have to first improve their internal financial processes and skillset. However, they needed help to get the job done. Working with an outside consultant, this Ohio GLTAAC client began an 8-month project which resulted in standardized accounting workflows, documented financial processes, and a well-trained staff. TAAF paid 50% of this $34K project.


September 6, 2022:  Michigan firm defines organizational structure needs with help from TAAF project

To support their sales and profit growth goals, this Michigan floor manufacturer wanted to make sure they had “the best people in the right seats.” Towards that end, the firm used TAAF co-funding for an organizational development project. The GLTAAC client worked with an outside consultant who completed a company-wide employee survey and also interviewed the manufacturer’s leadership team. The consultant confirmed that the company had well-qualified leadership, and then provided a roadmap for how to develop them further. The object is to have the team address day-to-day activities and allow the owner to devote time to more strategic efforts. Total cost for the project was $26K (TAAF paid 50%).


August 31, 2022:  Indiana GLTAAC client supports worker, manager development with TAAF funding

Faced with a competitive market, this Indiana machine maker knows the importance of having well-trained, productive employees at all levels. Recently, the firm completed multiple projects toward this end. One project focused on the firm’s technical leadership with ERP system training. Other projects helped managers by providing them with everyday skills via a Frontline Leadership course at a local college. These projects were just what the firm needed to “…..develop and strengthen our middle managers.” Combined, these projects provided high impact to the manufacturer, at a relatively low cost (a total of $10K, with TAAF paying 50%).


GLTAAC receives $1.4 million Grant to continue assistance to manufacturers

The U.S. Economic Development Administration has awarded $1.4 million to GLTAAC to continue its management of the Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms (TAAF) program in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. Through this program, GLTAAC provides qualified manufacturers with planning assistance and up to $75,000 in matching funds. GLTAAC has managed the TAAF program in the region for 39 years, helping hundreds of smaller import-impacted manufacturers regain their global competitiveness. GLTAAC is part of the University of Michigan’s Economic Growth Institute. The EDA is part of the U.S. Commerce Department. Read more about the TAAF grant awards here.


August 2022: TAAF Project Focus: Lean Manufacturing

In 2021, GLTAAC client, Jordan Manufacturing (Belding, MI), experienced a surge in orders – accompanied by an increase in late deliveries. Learn more about how Jordan used a TAAF co-funded lean manufacturing project to increase productivity, grow sales by 232%, and return their on-time delivery to 95%. Jordan Manufacturing Company Uses TAAF To Achieve Unprecedented Growth


August 24, 2022 – Digital Media Campaign launches new consumer product for Ohio manufacturer

Although they’d received great feedback from ‘early adopters,’ this Ohio aftermarket parts supplier needed help to spread the word about a new consumer product. They used TAAF funding to hire a consultant to implement a social media campaign. The project yielded increased awareness of the product, plus it gave the manufacturer a better understanding of their target market. Combined, the project set them up for increased product sales. Total cost of the project was $41K (TAAF paid 50%).


July 7, 2022 – TAAF project helps GLTAAC client streamline their inspection process

This Michigan machining firm wanted to make their inspection process more efficient. A major issue was the amount of time required to create balloon drawings and inspection forms prior to parts being inspected.  The firm located the perfect software package to help them, but they needed help to install the software – and train their team so they could make the most of it.  Installation and training was quick (lasting less than a month) but resulted in significant time reductions.  Next up is a project to provide seamless integration between the new software and the client’s ERP system.


June 24, 2022 – Indiana RV supplier increases efficiency and productivity with ERP implementation

For years, this GLTAAC client had created work-arounds to replace their outdated ERP system. As a result, their first TAAF project focused on selecting the right replacement ERP.  Once the system was selected, they moved on to implementation.  For their most recent TAAF co-funded project, the Indiana manufacturer worked with an outside consultant who managed everything: workflow and process development, report and form creation, and staff training.  The GLTAAC client now looks forward to well-integrated data for better forecasting and decision-making.  Cost for the selection and implementation projects was $147K, with TAAF paying 50%.


June 20, 2022 – Market Research gives Tooling Provider both an industry and recruiting outlook

As part of their strategic planning process, this Michigan manufacturer need to understand the industry outlook for tooling, as well as their own position in the market. So, the GLTAAC client hired an outside expert to perform market research, tailored specifically to their firm.  And, because a strategic plan can’t be executed without talent, the consultant also included the outlook for locating skilled workers – complete with suggestions for how the tooling provider could improve their recruiting efforts.  Cost for the project was $18K, with TAAF paying 50%.


June 1, 2022 – Ohio foundry ERP System upgrade yields smoother operations and trained workers

Although they had made the most of their old ERP system, this GLTAAC client was eager to upgrade to the newest version. However, the Ohio manufacturer needed outside expertise to implement all aspects of the upgrade, including accounting processes, data conversion, and the development of new reports. Plus, the foundry wanted to provide in-depth system training to their workers. Because only one consultant, the software company itself, was qualified to get the job done, the TAAF program supported the selection of that supplier for the project. The manufacturer now has well-trained workers, plus a fully updated ERP system. TAAF paid 50% of the $48K project cost


May 27, 2022 – New brochure, digital marketing refresh market positioning for Indiana GLTAAC client

Even though they have strong engineering expertise, this Indiana tooling manufacturer needed to grow their presence in the market. To get the word out, the firm wanted more effective marketing materials, including an improved website.  Using TAAF co-funding, the manufacturer worked with a trusted marketing agency to achieve their goals. In two short months, the consultant got the job done. They refreshed the website with content, images, and videos to emphasize the manufacturer’s capabilities and expertise. New promotional collateral highlighted completed ‘case study’ projects. Then press releases were sent to trade publications and regional news outlets. Although this was a lower cost project with a quick turnaround, the manufacturer anticipates a big ROI.


May 24, 2022 – Michigan GLTAAC client strengthens Leadership Team with TAAF co-funded project

The owners of this Michigan die maker were determined to grow their business.  But the management team needed coaching in order to align behind that vision. So, the company began the TAAF program with a Leadership Development effort, spearheaded by an outside consultant.  Part of the process included identifying each manager’s strengths so they could lead most effectively.  Although the firm lost a few people during the process, new hires came on board – and are a much better match for the company’s needs.

The owners have now stepped back and trust their managers to lead the firm (without questioning their decisions.)  The GLTAAC client has a realigned, stronger leadership team that understands their roles and what is expected of them.  Cost of the Leadership Development project was $65K, with TAAF paying 50%.


May 20, 2022 – Lead Generation and Sales Support projects lead to increased sales for Ohio GLTAAC client

When this Ohio machine builder set an ambitious sales growth goal, they knew it could only be achieved through careful planning and follow-through. The GLTAAC client had already added to their product line, but now chose to use TAAF matching funds to tackle two efforts at the same time:  Lead Generation and Sales Support.

The firm outsourced the Lead Generation projects to a business development consultant who expanded awareness to potential buyers across the USA.  Also, to improve internal processes, the manufacturer selected a Sales Support consultant to help them establish an effective sales and prospect management process.

As a result, the GLTAAC client was able to increase sales by 26% last year. Combined, the Lead Generation and Sales Support efforts had a total cost of $80K (TAAF paid 50%) – but the projects more than paid for themselves through increased sales for the manufacturer.


May 3, 2022 – TAAF project is first step in strategic staffing plan for Michigan manufacturer

This Michigan GLTAAC client shares a priority of many manufacturers today: getting the right people on board.  The flooring manufacturer made organizational development a major focus of their TAAF Adjustment Plan. Now, the firm has completed a project with an outside consultant resulting in a framework for defining key competencies for any job.  Plus, the project yielded 3 position profiles to get them started.  The firm’s management states, “We have a new process for evaluating job position requirements and how well an individual fills those requirements. Using this process, we will be both promoting and hiring key positions.”  Total project cost was $10K, with TAAF paying 50%.


April 25, 2022 – Indiana firm’s TAAF project develops long-term strategy supported by day-to-day tactics

This GLTAAC client, a smaller machine builder, knew they needed an outside perspective to help them create their 5 year strategic growth plan. They chose to work with a consultant who had extensive planning and marketing experience. After a series of meetings with the firm’s leadership team and customers, the consultant developed a long-term plan with short-term tactics. The Indiana manufacturer now has an understanding of how even small actions, such as daily stand-up meetings, can contribute to strategic success. Total project cost was $42K – TAAF paid 50%.


April 21, 2022 – Financial forecasting project gives Ohio instrumentation manufacturer actionable roadmap

This Ohio GLTAAC client needed outside expertise to develop a financial forecast for the future. But, they also needed a tool to help them analyze their monthly sales and operations. The manufacturer’s most recent TAAF co-funded project allowed them to achieve both goals. Working with a trusted consultant, the result included a 3-year forecast based on cost benchmarks. In addition to being well-received by the firm’s bank, the forecast is broken out by month.  Now the manufacturer can compare actual monthly performance to forecast so they can take timely action to achieve their financial goals.


April 15, 2022 – Machine controls update contributes to productivity improvement for Michigan manufacturer

A Michigan automotive supplier just completed a series of controls upgrades for key machines, allowing for greater efficiencies and throughput.  The GLTAAC client used TAAF matching funds to hire the outside expertise needed for the project. The consultant selection process was straightforward because the manufacturer chose a provider who had worked with them successfully in the past.  With the project now completed, the manufacturer’s machines have new software, programming, and hardware components. Total project cost was $14K, with TAAF paying 50%.


March 14, 2022 – TAAF project aligns Indiana GLTAAC client’s strategy and management approach

The new 2nd generation ownership group of this Indiana plastics manufacturer knew they needed to refine their company’s vision and decision-making structure. Once approved to spend TAAF matching funds, they got started on a project to address these issues. Using a management consultant, the project included 7 sessions over a one-year period to get the right people in the right seats and help give them the tools they need to succeed. With the project ended, the firm is now aligned around their vision and relies on an established structure to implement their strategy. Total cost of the project was $42K, with TAAF paying 50%.


March 10, 2022 – Ohio aerospace supplier works with GLTAAC to create TAAF recovery plan

When foreign imports hurt their sales, this Ohio metal parts manufacturer turned to the TAAF program for help. Working with the GLTAAC team, they completed the initial qualification phase and are now in the TAAF planning phase. The firm and GLTAAC will collaborate to develop their TAAF Adjustment Plan, which includes a look at the firm’s opportunities and also outlines how the manufacturer will use their $75K in TAAF matching funds. One of their goals will be to achieve quality accreditation for the defense and aerospace market. Implementing an MES is also likely. Learn more about the TAAF process here: Qualify – Plan – Implement


March 8, 2022 – Production software training saves time, reduces costs for Michigan GLTAAC client

When it came time to upgrade their CNC programming software, this Michigan mold maker needed support for system installation and onsite worker training. They used their TAAF matching funds to fill these needs, using a consultant who is certified in their specific software package. The payoff has been a reduction in programing times, enabling the firm to cut costs and improve their competitiveness.


March 3, 2022 – Faster quoting process, improved quality are first projects for Indiana GLTAAC client

After their TAAF Adjustment Plan was approved, this Indiana aerospace supplier promptly began two critical projects focused on increasing their customer responsiveness.  One project will cut quote turnaround times through a combination of process streamlining and better worker training. The other will help implement and train their team on an industry-recognized inspection process.

These projects will help achieve the manufacturer’s objective to exceed customer expectations (and increase sales).  The total cost for both projects is $15K, with TAAF paying half.


February 11, 2022 – Lean Thinking leads to improved operations for Michigan manufacturer

Although it had been in business for decades, this Michigan metal stamper was determined to improve quality, productivity, and customer responsiveness. To help achieve those goals, the GLTAAC client used TAAF matching funds for a project led by their local MEP (MMTC-West).

The MEP consultant began by including both front-line supervisors and company management in process assessment and Value Stream Mapping. From this, the team was able to pin-point immediate opportunities to eliminate waste and improve workflow. They then developed and began executing an implementation plan, backed up with coaching and assistance from the consultant.  It was a success – the GLTAAC client’s on-time delivery has gone from 74% to 95%, and quality metrics are also much improved. Total cost was $27.5K (TAAF paid 50%).


February 7, 2022 – TAAF matching funds help Ohio foundry with ERP upgrade

This Ohio GLTAAC client knew that their 20+ year-old ERP system was holding them back in today’s market. So, the aluminum foundry decided to use TAAF matching funds to implement a complete ERP upgrade.  Working with a consultant who has an understanding of their industry and specific needs, the firm is now in the third and final phase of the upgrade, which includes data conversion, reporting set-up, and staff training.  The company is already beginning to benefit from better real-time outputs, increased functionality, and the improved usability of the new system.  Total cost for the three-stage effort will be $102K (with TAAF paying 50%).


February 3, 2022 – Frontline and technical training projects help to strengthen Indiana machine builder

This Indiana GLTAAC client knows that their employees are key to their success. So, the company is focused on the development of workers at all levels. They recently used TAAF co-funding for different training needs – (1) improve skills of new frontline leaders, and (2) grow managerial capabilities in their technical staff. TAAF funding helped pay for employees to attend the specific classes they needed at a regional business university. The firm plans to continue using the TAAF program to support its workforce development activities.


GLTAAC’s Jani Hatchett interviewed on “Manufacturing Monday Motivation”

Many thanks to Curt Anderson of B2Btail for helping to spread the word about the Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms Program.  Curt featured GLTAAC’s Jani Hatchett on a recent episode of his “Manufacturing Monday Motivation” show.  Watch this informative interview to learn more about how GLTAAC works with manufacturers to win out against foreign competition.


January 21, 2022 – Ohio machine builder awarded $75,000 in TAAF matching funds

Over the years, competition from imports had eaten away at this machine maker’s market share.  The Ohio firm’s previous strategy, to grow profits based on their quality products and design skills, had given way to customer demand for low pricing. In 2021, the firm turned to GLTAAC for help, and has now been approved for TAAF funding.

Eager to get going, the manufacturer has already begun a project to refine their strategic plan.  They’ll work with an outside consultant who will help the management team plot next steps for success. Cost for the project is $18K (TAAF pays 50%).


January 18, 2022 – Michigan manufacturer starts TAAF program, tackles 4 projects

When their TAAF Adjustment Plan was approved, this new GLTAAC client, a Michigan flooring manufacturer, was ready to use their matching funds right away – for 4 projects.  The firm is addressing needs for hiring, refining its organizational structure, improving Lean skills with value stream mapping, and developing more efficient financial management processes.  Combined, these critical business improvements projects cost $83,000, with TAAF paying 50% of the cost.

January 14, 2022 – Indiana tooling manufacturer starts TAAF program

Despite its strong engineering and technical expertise, competition from Asian suppliers had eroded this firms sales. With the help of GLTAAC, the Indiana manufacturer has now been approved to begin spending its $75,000 TAAF matching funds. First up: find new leads and customers. The company is working with an outside lead generation consultant who perform prospecting and lead nurturing, with the goal of filling the manufacturer’s sales funnel. Next the firm will tackle worker skill training and a website upgrade.


January 11, 2022 – IT system support project helps Michigan GLTAAC client

A reliable IT infrastructure is vital to smaller manufacturers, but they don’t always have the in-house expertise to make sure it’s up to speed. This Michigan GLTAAC client knew they needed help to address various IT support system upgrades and cybersecurity needs. So, the automotive supplier worked with a consulting firm to improve all aspects of their IT systems, from Help Desk support to server upgrades to cybersecurity/disaster recover strategies. The 6-month project cost $34K (TAAF matching funds paid half).


December 6, 2021 – Ohio aluminum foundry begins TAAF program

When this foundry’s sales were hit hard by import competition from Asia, they turned to GLTAAC and the TAAF program as part of their strategy to regain their competitive edge. The GLTAAC team first helped this Ohio firm qualify for program. The next step was to develop their Adjustment Plan, which prioritizes the projects and timeline for spending TAAF matching funds. This client will use the program co-funding to modernize their ERP system and help diversify their markets. With their Adjustment Plan now approved, the firm is ready to begin their ERP upgrade, valued at $60K (TAAF funding will pay half).


December 3, 2021 – Product Certification diversifies sales for Michigan furniture manufacturer

Private label manufacturing was becoming more and more important to this company, but it did not yet have any products certified to key industry standards (BIFMA). To maintain and grow this business, the company needed to address this shortcoming – making it one of the major initiatives the firm is using the TAAF program to accomplish. To date, this GLTAAC client has completed 3 certification projects, and obtained certifications for 15 products. The total cost of these first 3 projects was $32,000, and the TAAF program paid half.


December 1, 2021 – Indiana die caster approved for TAAF matching funds

With their Adjustment Plan recently approved, this new GLTAAC client already has a path defined to help them outpace import competition. The Indiana die caster will begin using their TAAF matching funds for an ambitious project to design new cost-saving equipment, then train their employees on its use. They’ll move on to projects focused on developing a marketing strategy, improving support systems, and providing additional worker training. Armed with their plan, the firm intends to use their $75,000 in matching funds in less than two years. Learn more about the TAAF Adjustment Plan here.


TAAF matching funds save both money and time for Ohio foundry

When their existing ERP system was being phased out, this GLTAAC client knew they would use TAAF matching funds for the outside IT expertise they’d need to do the technical work required to migrate to a new system. However, the Ohio steel foundry also knew they were short on a key resource: time. So, they also used the program to hire an outside consultant to serve as the internal project manager for the entire ERP upgrade process. This consultant took on responsibility for all aspects of the upgrade – from process review to quality testing to managing employee training – which enabled the project to get done more quickly and smoothly as a result. For this GLTAAC client, TAAF matching funds saved both money and time. Total cost for both consultants: $91,000 (TAAF paid 50%).


How does GLTAAC help foundries? Learn more in this NFFS article

Many thanks to the Non-Ferrous Founders’ Society (NFFS) for featuring the TAAF program and GLTAAC in a recent article. GLTAAC works with manufacturers in a variety of industries, including foundries, to help them gain ground against import competition. Read more about the program and how foundries use TAAF matching funds of up to $75,000: Trade Adjustment Assistance Program Availability for Your Foundry


November 4, 2021 – Training helps Michigan client add capabilities & control costs

Newly-acquired equipment and a need to improve overall efficiency led this Michigan fabrication firm to two TAAF co-funded training projects. For the first, the company brought in a consultant to provide operator training for its new laser cutter. The second project focused on improving process controls and core production practices. For that, the firm used the program to hire a lean expert who led its employees through a value stream mapping/process documentation process, taught management how to launch strategic productivity improvements, and also how to track success. The consultant then identified and guided the company through its first 3 improvement efforts. Total cost for both projects: $43,000 (TAAF paid 50%).


GLTAAC receives $1.1 million Grant to continue assistance to manufacturers

The U.S. Economic Development Administration has awarded $1.1 million to GLTAAC to continue its management of the Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms (TAAF) program in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio. GLTAAC has managed the TAAF program in the region for 38 years, helping hundreds of smaller import-impacted manufacturers regain their global competitiveness. Through this program, GLTAAC provides qualified manufacturers with planning assistance and up to $75,000 in matching funds. GLTAAC is part of the University of Michigan’s Economic Growth Institute. The EDA is part of the U.S. Commerce Department. Read more about the TAAF grant awards here.


October 11, 2021 – Indiana manufacturer begins product cost analysis project

The financials revealed a problem for this new GLTAAC client: before they could improve their profits, they had to analyze and improve their product cost process. The plastics manufacturer is now using TAAF matching funds to work with a CPA firm for a thorough review of their costing methods, as well as the accuracy of the firm’s ERP system. The goal is to improve both their bottom line and the reliability of their support system. See more about the kinds of projects the TAAF program co-funds here.


EGI Annual Report features GLTAAC Client, Manufacturing Technology, Inc.

GLTAAC is pleased to be one of the programs housed at the University of Michigan’s Economic Growth Institute (EGI), which delivers a wide variety of services for companies and communities. This year’s EGI Annual Report provides an overview of the many ways the Institute has met critical needs in the region. Make sure to check out the Annual Report – and don’t miss the GLTAAC Client Success feature, which focuses on the product launch projects completed by GLTAAC Indiana client, Manufacturing Technology, Inc. (MTI).

See other stories about the kinds of projects GLTAAC co-funds on our website (including more on MTI’s launch of their Low Force Friction Welding technology).


September 20, 2021 – Ohio foundry completes Quality Management project

Each GLTAAC client follows a customized recovery plan to help them win out against foreign imports. The best path for this Ohio client was to focus on improvements in quality, training, and engineering. Their most recent project helped them improve their Quality Management System in order to comply with ISO 9001 requirements. The foundry chose a trusted outside consultant to review their systems, produce documentation, and train their employees. Total cost of the project was $20,000 (TAAF matching funds paid 50%). Read more about the TAAF process here.


GLTAAC Ohio client, Rexarc International, featured in The Fabricator

The cover of a recent issue of The Fabricator says it all: “Rexarc moves outside of its comfort zone.” GLTAAC client, fabricator Rexarc International (West Alexandria, OH), started in the TAAF program just two years ago. They’ve shown determination to beat both import competition and a pandemic-stricken economy. But also – as readers of The Fabricator article will learn – Rexarc has shown the strength to meet any challenge head-on.

Rexarc has used their TAAF matching funds for projects to create and implement their strategic plan, and to increase their visibility in the market. In fact, Rexarc’s most recent TAAF co-funded project led to the article in The Fabricator. States Rexarc CEO, Rob Moyer, “GLTAAC has been great to work with. We enjoyed the TAAF Adjustment Plan development process. The matching funds have been an accelerator for the plan to close the gap caused by imported products.”

Read the article here: A metal fabricator focused on professional (and personal) growth


September 13, 2021 – Bottom line focus is first step for new Michigan GLTAAC client

Now that they have been approved for TAAF funding, this Michigan tool and die maker will start by improving efficiencies and upgrading their engineering software. After working with GLTAAC to develop their TAAF Adjustment Plan, the manufacturer saw its road to recovery beginning with cost controls and better engineering capabilities to make them more competitive in the near term. They will then move to promote their expertise with a market research project and a renewed website. The firm intends to spend their $75,000 in TAAF matching funds within 12 months.


September 10, 2021 – Big impact from a small project for Ohio GLTAAC client

The most recent TAAF project for this Ohio instrumentation manufacturer was short (2 weeks) but sweet. The firm had just changed its ownership and name, but now needed a new logo. Working with a marketing consultant, the new logo was created after targeted conversations with the manufacturer’s key stakeholders. Now their website sports their re-designed logo, and the GLTAAC client states, “This TAAF co-funded project was a simple, small – but strategic – marketing effort. Two weeks of intense work and results.”

September 7, 2021 – Indiana machine builder approved for TAAF matching funds

Now that their TAAF Adjustment Plan has been approved, this Indiana manufacturer is ready to get started. They will begin using their matching funds with a $42K project to help them develop and implement their strategic plan. This project will then set the stage for additional efforts to add a new ERP system, improve their manufacturing efficiency, control costs, and create their marketing strategy. GLTAAC works with clients to write the TAAF Adjustment Plan, which details how their matching funds can best help the firms improve their competitiveness. See more about the Adjustment Plan process here.


September 3, 2021 – GLTAAC client works with their MEP to develop new marketing strategy

As part of their diversification goal, this Michigan plastic injection mold manufacturer chose to work with their regional MEP to re-vamp their marketing strategy and digital presence. The MEP will help the GLTAAC client clarify their strategic marketing plan, implement a completely updated website, and develop promotional collateral and a social media campaign. This is the manufacturer’s first TAAF co-funded project. Total cost of the project will be $41K, with TAAF paying 50%.


August 17, 2021 – Indiana aerospace supplier takes first step in TAAF process

This Indiana manufacturer was seeing a decline in sales due to import competition from Europe and India. They turned to GLTAAC for help and have now submitted a petition (application) to be certified for the TAAF program. This is the first step in the TAAF approval process. Next, GLTAAC will work with the firm to develop a recovery plan, which outlines how they will use TAAF matching funds (first on their list: updating their website, and improving their manufacturing support systems).


August 15, 2021 – Ohio manufacturer tackles virtual sales process

As COVID-related restrictions forced this Ohio GLTAAC client to limit their travel, they chose to hone their virtual sales skills via a TAAF co-funded project. The defense supplier worked with an outside consultant which created promotional materials, trained the sales team on how to get the most out of a video call, and also developed ‘air support’ on social media and the firm’s website. The client is now expanding their work with the consultant with another TAAF project for lead generation services.


August 12, 2021 – Software upgrades and training come first for Michigan GLTAAC client

As soon as they were approved for TAAF matching funds, this Michigan tooling provider got started with two software package upgrade projects to improve their product design capabilities and their engineering team’s skills. Along with the upgrade, they chose to maximize the software’s impact by using outside consultants to provide extensive training and support for their engineers. Total cost for the upgrade and training services: $130K (TAAF paid 50%).


August 6, 2021 – Matching funds help with Recruiting effort for Michigan manufacturer

A Michigan GLTAAC client is using TAAF matching funds to streamline their recruiting, starting with the creation of a job profile. The metal stamper began their search for a key manager by using a consultant to develop the job description. To create the job profile, the consultant first interviewed the firm’s internal team, defined the position’s priorities, determined best-fit traits, and then gained buy-in from all involved. After the profile was completed, the GLTAAC client continued by hiring a separate consultant to recruit the right candidate, based on the profile. The effort paid off with the recent hire of their new Business Development Manager. TAAF matching funds paid half the cost of the profile development, as well as the recruiting firm’s fees.


August 2, 2021 – Indiana client, Mursix Corp, on Good Morning America

GLTAAC client Mursix Corporation (Yorktown, IN) was recently highlighted on Good Morning America. Mursix, which specializes in prototyping and metal stamping, had stepped up to help resolve PPE shortages at the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Their contribution was noticed, and was featured as part of GMA’s look at Indiana’s reopening efforts. See the Mursix segment here (toward the end of the clip). Says Mursix VP of Business Development, Susan Murray Carlock: “Don’t give up. Stay focused. The opportunities are there.”

July 12, 2021 – New business for Ohio manufacturer calls for new tooling design

This GLTAAC client has a good problem: they must increase production capacity to meet the needs of a big new customer. After winning the business, the Ohio metal stamper invested in high-speed machinery. The next step was to develop dies that can perform well with the new equipment. Because the company didn’t have the expertise to do this in-house, they are using some of their TAAF matching funds to get it done. They have just started the project, using an outside consultant to develop the die design. Total cost for this critical project is $60K (TAAF pays 50%).

July 9, 2021 – Employee training increases quality and efficiency for Michigan machine shop

Continuous improvement has always been a focus for this GLTAAC client. Since starting in the TAAF program, the firm has used matching funds for multiple projects to enhance their employee skills. Their most recent effort used an expert trainer to provide onsite classes for new and existing Operators in the areas of SPC and PPAP, as well as in the role of 5S. With TAAF co-funding, the company’s training projects have been affordable, and the results will have a long-term impact on both quality and efficiency for the firm.

July 5, 2021 – GLTAAC helps Indiana client make the most of their recruiting efforts

Getting the right staff in place is top of mind for all firms today and this Indiana plastic parts producer is no exception.  They are now implementing TAAF co-funded projects aimed at hiring a new business development manager.  The effort began by engaging an outside consultant to develop the position’s job profile to ensure that it makes sense for the firm and their goals.  The GLTAAC client states, “The process included input from our team, which strengthened the clarity of the position. Overall, the process helped us get on the same page and row in the same direction.” With the profile in place, the manufacturer is proceeding with a second TAAF co-funded project: working with a recruiter to locate, hire, and on-board the right candidate.


July 1, 2021 – Ohio manufacturer gets start on new business with ISO 9001 certification project

As they look to expand their market base, this Ohio plastic injection molder realized that their lack of ISO  certification was holding them back.  After starting the TAAF program, their first co-funded project used an audit service provider that specializes in ISO 9001:2015.  The provider performed a readiness evaluation and an internal  audit.  The GLTAAC client is now ready for the next step to complete their certification so they can demonstrate their quality commitment as they bid for new business.


June 10, 2021 – Ohio foundry uses updated video and images to help tell their quality story

After beginning a website update effort, this Ohio GLTAAC client realized that they also needed imagery to reinforce their capabilities and commitment to quality. But to get the job done, they required outside expertise – and TAAF matching funds. They chose a regional consultant with experience in both photography and video production, as well as knowledge of the needs of manufacturers. The firm worked with the foundry to plan, write scripts, and produce 4 videos. The same firm also produced still photography to reinforce information on the new website. Both projects were completed on time for the new website launch. Total cost: $14K (TAAF paid 50%).


June 7, 2021: Watch the recording: GLTAAC presents at MGA webinar

We’d like to thank the Manufacturer’s Growth Alliance (MGA) for hosting a webinar featuring GLTAAC Project Manager, Jani Hatchett. In this 30-minute session, Jani explains how the TAAF program works, as well as the ways manufacturers use their TAAF matching funds. Watch the MGA webinar recording here


June 3, 2021: Two Indiana Manufacturers begin TAAF Adjustment Plan process

Two import-impacted Indiana firms have completed the first phase of the TAAF process. Each had turned to GLTAAC for help after being challenged by import competition. One, a custom machine builder, saw sales declines due to imports from China.  The other, a tooling company, experienced hits on their sales because of imports from Germany and Mexico.

Both are now working with the GLTAAC team for the second TAAF phase – developing their Adjustment Plan, which maps out how they will spend TAAF matching funds. Both are eager to apply some of their co-funding to help their top line (digital marketing) and their bottom line (gaining efficiencies through staff training).  Read more about the TAAF Adjustment Plan here.


June 1, 2021:  TAAF Project Focus: Strategic Digital Marketing

GLTAAC client Automated Machine Systems (Cincinnati) wanted to overhaul their strategic digital marketing program with the goal of expanding their client base.  Learn more about how they used TAAF matching funds to get started with a trio of closely-coordinated projects:  New Website is centerpiece for Automated Machine Systems’ strategic marketing program


May 26, 2021: Watch now: AMBA hosts Webinar about TAAF program with a focus on mold builders

Here’s a quick way to learn about GLTAAC and the TAAF program. Have a look at this recent AMBA webinar featuring GLTAAC Director, Scott Jacobs, and Project Manager, Jani Hatchett.

This webinar not only explains the TAAF program’s process, but also drills down to focus on how GLTAAC’s mold-builder clients use TAAF matching funds (up to $75K). See the presentation here: GLTAAC Presents the TAAF program to the American Mold Builder Association (AMBA)

GLTAAC thanks the AMBA for hosting this webinar and helping to spread the word about the TAAF program.


May 14, 2021 – Communications project is latest effort for Ohio gas industry supplier

This small Ohio manufacturer has used TAAF matching funds to strengthen various parts of their business. The firm’s latest project was a comprehensive re-vamping of their strategic communications.  Using a consultant they had successfully worked with in the past, this effort yielded results on all levels:  a new strategic communication plan, a content and social media calendar, email newsletters, actual copy writing, and Google analytics review. In other words, all the communication aspects that the firm needed, but did not have the bandwidth to create.  Total cost for the project was $15K (TAAF paid 50%).


May 12, 2021: Three manufacturers begin TAAF program – representing $225K total in matching funds

In the past month, three manufacturers (one from each GLTAAC state) had their TAAF Adjustment Plans approved, and will begin implementing projects through the program. Each firm will receive $75K of TAAF co-funding, which will help them invest in themselves and strengthen their global competitiveness. These new GLTAAC clients not only represent various states, but they also show how the TAAF program has the flexibility to address the needs of import-challenged manufacturers in a variety of industries.

  • Indiana:  Facing significant competition from foreign imports, this Indiana trailer manufacturer turned to GLTAAC for help.  With their TAAF Adjustment Plan approved, they’ll use their TAAF co-funding to tackle projects that will increase their market presence, upgrade operating systems, improve their management processes, and expand employee skills.
  • Ohio: A foundry that is determined to move beyond competition from foreign imports is now ready to start leveraging the TAAF program. For them, key recovery projects will include development of a comprehensive preventive maintenance program and support for an extensive ERP system implementation, as well as worker training.
  • Michigan – A small moldmaker took a big hit to their sales last year due to imports from Canada and China. This company’s focus in the TAAF program will be on market diversification, upgrading production capabilities, supporting new quality certification(s), and succession planning.


May 7, 2021: Ohio instrumentation manufacturer completes $27K New Product Development project

This GLTAAC client got off to a great start with their very first TAAF co-funded project. The company wanted to add new control technologies to their product, but needed outside engineering help to finalize the design and enable this improvement. They worked with the consultant of their choice to get over that hurdle and now, after several months of additional work done by the firm, the company is introducing their next-gen product line to the market. Total cost for the front-end design work: $27K (TAAF paid 50%)


May 4, 2021 – Dashboard development project helps improve productivity for Michigan GLTAAC client

Although they had an ERP system in place, this Michigan automotive supplier wanted to get the most out of it by having quick access to meaningful snapshots of the system’s data.  As part of an overall effort to improve productivity, the firm used TAAF matching funds to hire a consultant to help them define their data analysis needs, improve their staff’s ERP dashboard-building skills, and implement several initial dashboards. Now their employees are fully trained and have direct, easy access to visuals that help them analyze key performance data at a glance.


April 19, 2021 – Ohio manufacturer enters TAAF program – starts with Certification Project

Despite their diversified customer base, this Ohio plastic injection molder had been hit hard by import competition. They worked with GLTAAC and were just approved for TAAF matching funds. The committed management team will follow their TAAF Adjustment Plan to implement projects to improve efficiencies, sales, staff expertise, and customer order turnaround time. First up – an ISO certification project aimed at meeting the evolving requirements of key major customers.


April 16, 2021 – Indiana manufacturer approved for $75K TAAF co-funding – starts 3 projects

This Indiana machined plastic parts producer was losing sales to foreign imports.  After working with GLTAAC to apply for the TAAF program and create a recovery plan, they were recently approved to start using program co-funding. The company began implementing their plan immediately and now has 3 projects underway. Their initial focus is on recruiting and strategic planning (total cost of the projects: $95K with TAAF paying half).  According to their CEO, “The insights and resources made available through GLTAAC are game changing for our business and our team.”


April 15, 2021 – First TAAF project completed for Michigan Furniture Manufacturer

When this Michigan contract manufacturer saw their clients moving to new CAD software, they knew that – in order to provide seamless support – they had to make a change from their existing design & engineering system. The GLTAAC client needed help to train employees in the new software, and made that effort their first TAAF co-funded project. The firm chose to work with a local consultant who was a solid system expert and could provide the staff training and mentoring they needed on site.  Total cost of the design & engineering software training/mentoring project was $35,000, with TAAF paying half.


April 13, 2021 – Iron Foundry completes website re-design with TAAF co-funding

Looking to make their website work harder for them, this Ohio GLTAAC client recently improved their site using their TAAF matching funds. The company worked with a web developer of their choice, based on the consultant’s technical skills and their understanding of the foundry’s market.  This is one of a trio of projects the firm is implementing as part of their TAAF Adjustment Plan’s Digital Marketing initiative. Total cost for the 3 projects: $30K (TAAF pays half)


April 9, 2021 – GLTAAC Client Focus: Precise Tooling Solutions

When Precise Tooling Solutions (Columbus, Indiana) entered the TAAF program, they were able to use all of their matching funds for a “one and done” project that pushed their competitive position to the next level. Read more about Precise Tooling’s path and their software implementation project here.


 March 26, 2021 – TAAF Project Focus:  Product Launch

From a website upgrade to “Whiteboard Wednesdays,” see how GLTAAC client Manufacturing Technology Inc. (IN) used TAAF matching funds to launch a new technology and product.  Read more about MTI’s product launch project here.


March 23, 2021 – Ohio precision machining firm uses TAAF funding to upgrade website

After investing in new equipment, this Ohio GLTAAC client realized that their old website was holding them back from letting prospects know about their new machining capabilities. Using their TAAF matching funds, they selected a consultant to undertake a major website overhaul. The project focused on highlighting the manufacturer’s full suite of capabilities, with the goal of generating leads. The project was just completed, but the firm is already seeing increased website traffic. Up next is an SEO project (also using TAAF funds). Combined cost of the two projects is $23,000 (TAAF pays half).


March 22, 2021 – TAAF funds help Indiana client choose best ERP system

This Indiana RV supplier knew that a new ERP system was vital to their continued success. The company has an unusually complicated, multifaceted business, so they also knew that identifying the best ERP system for their needs would be a complicated and time-consuming effort. Therefore, this GLTAAC client chose to use TAAF matching funds to hire a consultant with the expertise to help them identify and evaluate the best ERP systems for them. With the project now completed, the manufacturer has a short list of ERP vendors to pursue, as well as a clear path to select the best one. Their next step will be to use TAAF matching funds to implement the ‘winning’ ERP system.


March 19, 2021 – Ohio automotive supplier approved for TAAF program funding

After 75 years in business, this metal stamper was experiencing a loss of sales and employment due to import competition.  The manufacturer turned to GLTAAC for help and was recently approved for $75,000 in TAAF program matching funds.  How will the firm spend their co-funding?  First, they’ll focus on digital marketing projects to expand their market and attract more customers. This will include a new website, as well as lead generation efforts.  After that, they’ll implement other projects identified in their TAAF Adjustment Plan including worker training, engineering staff recruitment, and ERP improvements.


March 12, 2021 – TAAF Project Focus: New Technology Development

When they saw an opportunity to improve the technology embedded in their visual inspection machines, Mectron Engineering (Saline, MI) used TAAF matching funds for the engineering support they needed. Read more about this GLTAAC client’s project here.


March 2, 2021 – GLTAAC Client Focus: Bay Motor Products

See how GLTAAC client, Bay Motor Products (Traverse City, MI), made the most of their TAAF funding. A recent graduate of the TAAF program, this manufacturer completed projects aimed to help top and bottom lines. Read the story here.


February 17, 2021 – Small Firm Uses TAAF Co-Funding to Help Keep ISO Certification

Following a suboptimal surveillance audit, this 12-person machine shop needed to correct several significant shortcomings in its quality system to keep its ISO certification. The company chose its local MEP center to assist with their effort, and used the TAAF program to pay for half of the project’s cost.

The MEP center conducted a gap analysis, then provided the implementation assistance and employee training needed to complete the necessary corrective actions. This 6 month project was successfully concluded last month, when the firm passed a comprehensive internal audit. Their Registar will be returning shortly, and the company is now poised to retain their quality certification, which is of great importance to many of their major customers.


February 16, 2021 – GLTAAC client upgrades website to enhance appeal to Defense Industry

What happens when your website doesn’t support your firm’s diversification effort? If you’re a GLTAAC client, you use your TAAF matching funds for a site upgrade.

That’s exactly what this Michigan precision machine shop did. Although the firm saw real opportunities for military applications, their existing website didn’t even mention the Defense industry. So, they selected a supplier to complete a website upgrade project which moved them to a site with targeted content to support their strategic plan. The new site includes fresh blog posts, improved images/design, and clearly specifies Defense as a market served. Total cost of the upgrade: $24K (TAAF paid half).


February 15, 2021 – Michigan manufacturer’s coaching project yields stronger Leadership Team

A family-owned GLTAAC client knew it could use some help to create a more effective executive team. One thing they could agree on – it would be best to use an outside consultant to help them get back on track. After interviewing several consultants, they selected a leadership development expert who had experience with companies of their size.

The consultant’s coaching process included individual and group meetings resulting in a more cohesive management team eager to adapt their roles to fit the needs of the company’s goals. Activities ranged from the simple (setting measurable goals) to the complex (building trust). The manufacturer met the challenge and has emerged with a more unified leadership team. They are now forward-looking – and equipped to commit to goals while handling any ‘productive conflict’ that might show up on their path. TAAF paid half of the $44K project cost.


February 12, 2021 – Ohio TAAF graduate: “We now have better tools and products to compete”

This Ohio GLTAAC client saw many changes in their market since beginning the TAAF program four years ago. During their time in the program, the electronics manufacturer used their $75,000 in TAAF matching funds to tackle projects such as worker training, strategic planning, market research and product development. Today, the firm states that they are more competitive than when they entered the program, and that their TAAF projects helped to “…upgrade our products and marketing strategies.”


 February 11, 2021 – TAAF Project Focus:  Talent Acquisition

Read more here about how Ohio GLTAAC client, Long-Stanton Manufacturing, used TAAF matching funds to fill a specific position.  GLTAAC works with clients on a wide variety of projects – see a sample list here.


February 10, 2021 – Michigan plastics manufacturer begins TAAF program

Despite trying to meet challenges from foreign competition by controlling costs, this supplier to the transportation industry was seeing a decline in sales due to imports. They turned to GLTAAC for help and were recently approved to start using their $75,000 in TAAF matching funds.

The manufacturer is ready to get started right away with the projects in their TAAF Adjustment Plan. First up will be a focus on their top line with a market research project targeting their diversification goal. Soon after, they’ll shift to improving internal efficiencies with a project to help them make progress with Lean and Industry 4.0 implementation. Total cost for these initial efforts: $90K (TAAF will pay half).



January 25, 2021 – Ohio Aluminum Foundry begins TAAF program

Despite years of experience in the highly-competitive aluminum castings market, this Ohio firm was losing sales to imports. As a result, they were short on the cash they needed to strengthen internal capabilities. So, they turned to GLTAAC for assistance through the TAAF program.

Now that they have been approved for $75K of TAAF matching funds, the company is ready to get started on projects defined in their TAAF Adjustment Plan. They’ll begin with an ERP upgrade project – an effort that had been delayed due to lack of cash. After that, they’ll move on to use TAAF assistance for other projects to improve their top and bottom lines.


January 22, 2021 – Podcast: The Job Shop Show interview with GLTAAC’s Scott Jacobs

Here’s an easy way to learn more about the TAAF program: listen to this interview with GLTAAC Director, Scott Jacobs, on the Job Shop Show. Scott explains the program’s process and how small manufacturers can qualify for up to $75K in matching funds. Many thanks to Job Shop Show host Jay Jacobs (no relation to Scott!) for making sure job shops know about the matching funds and planning assistance available via the TAAF program. Thanks also to NTMA and Paperless Parts for sponsoring this episode.


January 20, 2021 – For this Indiana GLTAAC Client, Certification opens the door to Diversification

When they began the TAAF program 3 years ago, this Indiana automotive supplier could not have predicted their recent switch into the medical market. The move began when Covid-19 dealt them an unexpected blow. But they were able to bounce back, in part, because of their initial TAAF co-funded projects – including efforts which helped them develop better leadership skills and a unified vision.

The manufacturer had joined the effort to make critical PPE, at first to replace a slowdown in automotive-related business and to help beat the virus, but then they saw how well they could fit into the medical market. Their most recent TAAF project got them in shape to pass their ISO 13485 certification audit – a requirement for suppliers to the medical device industry. The certification, in addition to previous TAAF co-funded training and market research projects, have put them on a path to re-balance their product mix and increase revenue as they diversify.



December 11, 2020 – New Michigan Client starts TAAF with Strategy and Job Quoting Projects

When their TAAF funding was approved, this machining firm knew exactly what projects to do. They had worked with GLTAAC to create their Adjustment Plan, which sets the course for how a manufacturer spends their TAAF matching funds.

With the plan approved, they quickly chose consultants to start two projects. First, they began implementing a new job quoting system to improve their responsiveness, increase their win rate, and maintain margins. They also undertook a thorough SWOT of their business to guide future improvements and develop sales. In under 3 months, both projects have now been completed.


December 10, 2020 – Ohio Client begins TAAF with Marketing Projects to Support Diversification

When their TAAF funding was approved, this machining firm knew exactly what projects to do. They had worked with GLTAAC to create their Adjustment Plan, which sets the course for how a manufacturer spends their TAAF matching funds.

With the plan approved, they quickly chose consultants to start two projects. First, they began implementing a new job quoting system to improve their responsiveness, increase their win rate, and maintain margins. They also undertook a thorough SWOT of their business to guide future improvements, with an eye on developing sales. In under 3 months, both projects have now completed.


December 7, 2020 – GLTAAC presents at AMBA Continuous Improvement Forum – Webinar Recording

Now you can hear about the benefits of the TAAF program directly from a matching fund recipient. We were pleased to have GLTAAC client, Michiana Global Mold (Mishawaka, IN), as a co-presenter during a session at the recent AMBA Continuous Improvement Forum.

In this webinar recording, MGM’s President & COO, Eric Karaman, explains how his company used its TAAF program funding. You’ll learn why Eric describes the program as “easy, convenient, and helpful,” and encourages import-impacted manufacturers to take advantage of it. GLTAAC’s Scott Phillips also provides an introduction which explains the TAAF process.

Click here to view the recording. Many thanks to Eric for participating, and also to the American Mold Builders Association for including GLTAAC in their program.


November 9, 2020 – Indiana manufacturer back on track after Covid — tackles improvements from the top down

After recovering from short-term Covid-19 setbacks, this GLTAAC client is now taking on 3 new TAAF-funded business improvement projects. This supplier to the RV industry will first focus on leadership development, with the goal of establishing a shared vision for the firm’s future. The next project provides continuous improvement training for their staff. And the third will help the manufacturer select the best ERP system to meet their needs. In each case, the firm is working with a consultant of their own choosing. Combined, the projects total $40K, with TAAF paying half.


November 6, 2020 – Michigan manufacturer completes project to define cost structure

This GLTAAC client knew that a better understanding of their cost structure would help them quote more competitively. So, for their first co-funded TAAF project, they selected a consultant to examine their costs, develop a pricing model, and analyze their SKU’s. The result not only allows them to provide competitive quotes (possibly to new markets), but also helps them reinforce lean concepts and increase both revenue and productivity. Total cost for the project was $37.5K (TAAF paid half)



November 4, 2020 – Automation journey begins for Ohio GLTAAC client

After they had used TAAF matching funds to improve their online presence, this Ohio foundry moved on to address internal efficiencies. They chose to take the first step in their production automation process by upgrading their electrical system. Now complete, the project laid the groundwork for new automation equipment which have special electrical requirements. This automation initiative was part of their TAAF Adjustment Plan which the firm developed with the help of GLTAAC. The Adjustment Plan serves as a ‘roadmap to recovery,’ clarifying how each GLTAAC client will use their TAAF matching funds. Read more about AP development here.


November 2, 2020 – Ohio manufacturer begins TAAF with worker training project

When their TAAF funding was approved recently, this Ohio mold maker decided to start spending their matching funds with a project to build employee skills. The GLTAAC client is focusing on training their staff on the use of their upgraded CAD software, with TAAF paying half the cost. The manufacturer will also use their TAAF co-funding to develop a sales and online marketing strategy, and upgrade their website. Click here to see the kinds of projects TAAF funds


October 15, 2020 – MMA sponsors Webinar featuring GLTAAC and TAAF

Many thanks to the Michigan Manufacturing Association for helping to spread the word about TAAF program funding. During the October 14 webinar, GLTAAC Project Managers Jani Hatchett Cooke and Scott Phillips explained how GLTAAC works with small and mid-sized manufacturers to improve their global competitiveness. See the webinar here: Access $75K in Matching Funds to Offset Foreign Competition



October 8, 2020 – GLTAAC Client and TAAF Program Profiled in MIBiz Article

When they lost sales to foreign competition, GLTAAC client Avio-Tech (Twin Lake, MI) turned to GLTAAC and the TAAF program for help. Now you can read about Avio-Tech’s experience in the 9/27/2020 MIBiz article “Great Lakes trade center helps manufacturers compete with imports.”

Not only did Avio-Tech benefit from TAAF matching funds, they also found an ally in GLTAAC. “Every day you end up having issues…which require something that needs to be solved and I’ve used them as a resource to talk about specifics,” states Lee Thomas, President of Avio-Tech.

Read the MIBiz article here.


October 7, 2020 – New Ebook provides introduction to TAAF program

Have a look at a recent ebook created by manufacturing supplier, Paperless Parts. Downloable from their website, the ebook is titled: “The Job Shop’s Guide to Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms.” The ebook includes interviews with TAAF staff at regional centers around the country. It also explains the process and benefits of the program. We appreciate their effort to make U.S. manufacturers aware of the TAAF program. Thank you Paperless Parts!


October 6, 2020 – Product Development effort expands market for Ohio foundry

This GLTAAC client saw the potential to expand their product offerings, but needed outside engineering help. After selecting a consultant, the manufacturer began a 12-month project which resulted in the development of a new product which will help the foundry secure additional business. Additionally, the consultant provided assistance to prepare them for quality audits, plus ongoing training for employees. GLTAAC paid half of the $25K project cost.


October 1, 2020 – TAAF helps improve Sales and Quality for graduating Michigan Contract Manufacturer

After entering the TAAF program in 2015, this Michigan GLTAAC client used TAAF funding to improve both top and bottom lines. Their first project, a website redesign, led to an increase in quote requests. Another project tackled quality training, which helped to “…get management and employees on the same page.” They ended the program with an ERP implementation project, which made it easy for the firm to organize data, smoothed out the quoting process, and created more useful reporting. As they graduate, the firm has increased sales by 40% since starting the TAAF program.


September 30, 2020 – NTMA-hosted Webinar features GLTAAC and the TAAF program

Many thanks to NTMA for hosting a regional webinar to introduce TAAF program benefits to their members. NTMA invited GLTAAC’s Scott Phillips and Jani Hatchett Cooke to present at this informative 20-minute session. Thanks also to NTMA for now making this recent webinar available to non-members at no charge! To view the webinar recording, get started at this link. You’ll learn about how import-impacted firms can qualify for up to $75,000 in matching funds via the federal TAAF program.


September 14, 2020 – GLTAAC at UofM’s Economic Growth Institute Awarded $1.1 million

The U.S. Department of Commerce through its Economic Development Administration has awarded $1.1 million to GLTAAC to continue helping import-impacted manufacturers in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio. The award is part of the EDA’s grant to support the national Trade Adjustment for Firms program (TAAF). Read more here.

GLTAAC began as a TAAF center in 1983 and has assisted hundreds of companies over the years.  GLTAAC is part of the University of Michigan’s Economic Growth Institute, which is dedicated to fostering innovation and creating positive economic impact by assisting small and medium-sized enterprises. Read more about the Economic Growth Institute here.


September 10, 2020 – Training Project helps Ohio Iron Foundry Improve Quality & Turnaround Time

This GLTAAC client continued to improve their operational capabilities and efficiencies with help from the TAAF program. After completing 3 major shopfloor system projects over the past year and a half, the foundry looked to strengthen their product engineering function. So they used TAAF matching funds for advanced solidification software training, which included learning about best practices for model building simulation, as well in-depth, hands-on software use. The training has already paid off, allowing the manufacturer to meet specific customer quality and turnaround requirements. The foundry also anticipates a long-term decrease in scrap as a result. The $17K training was performed by an expert outside consultant, with TAAF funding paying half.


September 9, 2020 – Digital Marketing Campaign brings Results for Ohio Manufacturer

Seeking to improve their consumer product line sales, this GLTAAC client used TAAF matching funds for a Digital Marketing project. Working with an outside consultant of their choice, the project focused on reaching their target market using tactics such as social media posts and search engine optimization. The year-long project resulted in an 18% jump in brand awareness, as well as increased sales. Total project cost was $41K (50% paid by TAAF funds).


September 8, 2020 – Covid-19 PPE Pivot helps Indiana Automotive Manufacturer’s Diversification Effort

In January 2020, when this GLTAAC client began working with an outside consultant on a TAAF co-funded diversification project, they had no way of anticipating COVID-19’s impact. With the project underway, but their sales hurt by the virus, the firm quickly chose to pivot to PPE manufacturing – initially as a temporary measure.

Despite the pandemic, the diversification consultant’s work continued, with several new markets identified. But also, the consultant saw that the manufacturer’s quick response during their PPE pivot showed their corporate strength.

The diversification project ended with successful participation in a program to identify new government/defense suppliers. Key to the success was the consultant’s ability to tie together the firm’s production capability, as well as the flexibility and speed they demonstrated during the COVID-19 pivot. The firm is also planning to continue pursuing the medical supplies market.


August 19, 2020 – Ohio Healthcare Supplier Completes Market Research project

Before finalizing a key new product’s design, this company needed to better understand their market. So the GLTAAC client used TAAF matching funds to hire a trusted consultant to research it. Using focus groups and interviews with both prospective customers and potential end-users, the project provided insight into the entire buying cycle, how COVID-19 might affect market needs, and feedback on desired features and pricing. Total cost for the research was $33K, with GLTAAC paying half.


August 17, 2020 – Indiana Furniture Manufacturer uses Funds to Build Brand Awareness

This Indiana GLTAAC client was well-known by existing customers for their high-quality cabinets. However, the company needed to spread the word in order to expand their client base. So using a consultant of their choice, they undertook a Brand Awareness project, which included the creation of a new website and development of a targeted out-bound marketing campaign. Activity and engagement are up and the company has identified potential new customers. The TAAF program paid for 50% of this $28K project. See more about the kinds of projects TAAF funds here.


August 14, 2020 – SPOT Imaging uses TAAF funding for Diversification

A supplier to the life science market, SPOT Imaging (Sterling Heights, MI) was facing stiff import competition. They turned to GLTAAC for planning and funding to help achieve their diversification goals. Read more


July 17, 2020: Read all about it!  MiMfg Magazine features article about TAAF and GLTAAC

The July 2020 issue of MiMfg Magazine (a publication of the Michigan Manufacturers Association) features an article by GLTAAC Director, Scott Jacobs.  You’ll learn about how firms qualify for the TAAF program, how the TAAF process works – and why import competition is still a challenge for U.S. manufacturers.  See a quote from MMA member and GLTAAC client, Superior Fabrication, plus a link to the article here.

July 16, 2020 – Sales and financial project proves its value – helps firm manage COVID-19 challenges

This GLTAAC client chose to tackle both top and bottom lines with a single project. The Ohio manufacturer selected a trusted consultant, initially to improve their sales process and train their team. However, the consultant, who has expertise in their industry, also was able to improve the firm’s cash flow analysis capabilities. Now completed, the manufacturer states that the project, “….is already very helpful as we monitor our cash flow. This important now but will be even more so following our shutdown during Covid-19 …. we will be glad we had this already in place.” TAAF funding paid for 50% of the project’s cost.

July 14, 2020: Project creates promotional videos for Michigan manufacturer

Seeing is believing. With that in mind, this machine builder wanted to use short videos to display their abilities. The GLTAAC client selected a consultant and used TAAF matching funds to create 4 videos, which clearly demonstrate their high-speed equipment to the defense and automotive markets. The videos are now installed on their website, can be used at trade shows, and also help to commumicate with prospects when in-person demos are not possible.

July 10, 2020 – New website first project for Indiana firm

An outdated website just wasn’t keeping pace with this Indiana furniture manufacturer’s capabilities. As a new GLTAAC client, the firm chose to begin spending their TAAF co-funding on a project to re-vamp their site to reflect their quality products. The project is now complete, resulting in website with refreshed images and updated content. Additionally, the site makes it easy for customers on all levels to contact the firm for quotes. TAAF funding picked up 50% of the cost for the new site. (See more about the kinds of projects TAAF funds here.)

July 7, 2020 – Ohio client completes TAAF program with ISO certification project

A custom manufacturer will soon graduate from the TAAF program after completing a CAD system migration project to better support their complex design environment. The project also included a review of ERP systems best suited to their needs, and got them started on the path to ISO 9000 certification (value $17K). The TAAF program also helped them tackle succession planning and a company-wide office software upgrade.

June 22, 2020 – Watch Now: GLTAAC Presentation on MedTechCrossroads Webinar

Want a quick way to learn more about the TAAF program?  Now you can watch GLTAAC’s Scott Phillips presentation in a recent MedTech Crossroads webinar (a weekly production of in2being ).  Scott includes examples of how GLTAAC clients make great use of their TAAF matching funds – including one Michigan client who manufactures instruments for the life science market. As Scott states, “We don’t want to leave money on the table if we can help manufacturers.”

See the recording of Scott’s presentation here, and thank you to in2being (Saline, MI) for including GLTAAC in their informative MedTech Crossroads webinar series.

June 9, 2020 – Michigan Firm graduates from TAAF Program: Completes Projects to improve Top and Bottom Lines

This GLTAAC client recently completed a lead generation project, using an outside consultant with expertise in their industry. The effort was successful, producing quote requests, increasing awareness for the client, and expanding their geographic territory. The results were so impressive, that the client has chosen to continue using the consultant in a follow-on project, with TAAF funds paying for half the $23K cost.

June 5, 2020 – Indiana Mold Maker uses TAAF funds to fill Sales Funnel

This GLTAAC client recently completed a lead generation project using an outside consultant with expertise in their industry. The effort was successful, producing quote requests, increasing awareness for the client, and expanding their geographic territory. The results were so impressive, that the client has chosen to continue using the consultant in a follow-on project, with TAAF funds paying for half the $23K cost.

June 1, 2020 – Video: Webinar focuses on Northwest Ohio manufacturer needs

Have a look at the recent webinar: There Has Never Been a Better Time to Consider the Long Game. Orginally presented on 5/28, the session is loaded with practical tips for smaller manufacturers, as well as a look at what’s coming next for exports and foreign investment.

Hosted by GLTAAC, the webinar includes:

  • GLTAAC’s Scott Phillips overview of the TAAF program (GLTAAC & TAAF Overview starts here).
  • Tips for how to manage PPP loan forgiveness from Kate Matz at William Vaughan, plus advice about how to make the most of any extra time you might have today (Beyond PPP starts here).
  • The outlook for foreign direct investment and export support resources in the NW Ohio region from Paul Zito, of RGP Northwest Ohio (The Future of International Business Development starts here).
May 11, 2020: GLTAAC presents TAAF program on GLBMA webinar

GLTAAC Project Manager, Scott Phillips, presented in a recent webinar for the Great Lakes Bay Manufacturers Association. Scott’s webinar segment gives a great 6-minute overview of the TAAF program. Have a listen here.

May 9, 2020: Michigan GLTAAC client, Freeman Manufacturing, pivots to create PPE

GLTAAC client Freeman Manufacturing (Sturgis, MI) has made consumer medical supplies for over 100 years. Recently, when they saw regional hospitals in need of Personal Protective Equipment, they decided to be part of the solution by re-tooling to add isolation gowns to their suite of products. Read more about Freeman’s efforts – and their receipt of a Retooling Grant from the State of Michigan – in the Sturgis Journal article: “Freeman Manufacturing receives grant for critical supplies.”

May 7, 2020: Product Launch project helps Indiana client diversify

When this Indiana GLTAAC client wanted to spread the word about a new service capability, they knew a marketing toolkit would give the launch greater impact – and they also knew they needed help from outside expertise. They turned to GLTAAC for $27K of matching funds for the project and chose a trusted marketing services supplier to create the components of the kit. Now completed, the effort produced social media, a new web page, advertising, and a video blog series that demonstrates the manufacturer’s new capabilities.

May 5, 2020: Ohio client completes projects to improve their Sales process

Realizing that their sales process was holding them back, this GLTAAC client used TAAF matching funds to assess and re-vamp their sales procedures. Working with a consultant of their choice, this gas industry supplier first undertook a process analysis which identified areas for improvement. This was followed by a project to improve their CRM system usage, which included the encoding of new workflows and reports, as well as ongoing training. Combined, these projects cost $23K, with TAAF funds paying 50%.

May 4, 2020: Indiana metal stamper joins effort to supply PPE

With extensive experience in prototyping and metal stamping, GLTAAC client Mursix Corporation (Yorktown, IN) knew they could help address the shortage of PPE for medical frontliners. Tapping their in-house expertise, Mursix quickly added a new item to their project line: PPE face shields. Read more about Mursix’s effort in the Star Press article: “Yorktown-based company makes quick switch to produce face shields for hospitals”

May 1, 2020: TAAF program featured in American Mold Builder article

Read about the TAAF program in this recent article from The American Mold Builder. The article describes the program’s application process and benefits. Also included is a look at how GLTAAC client Michiana Global Mold (Mishawaka, IN) is putting their TAAF matching funds to work on projects critical to their success.

Read the article here: Nationally Funded Program Offers Assistance to Mold Builders

April 8, 2020: B&E Fabric Finishers uses TAAF matching funds for New Product Development

Faced with a supply chain disruption – and the possibility of losing long time customers – B&E Fabric Finishers (Ohio) used TAAF matching funds to speed new product development efforts.  Read more here.

April 7, 2020: UofM’s Economic Growth Institute helps smaller manufacturers with retooling effort

The Economic Growth Institute at the UofM is working to provide connections and collaboration for small to mid-sized manufacturers during the COVID-19 crisis. An interview with Associate Director, Steve Wilson, explores how the Institute is assisting these businesses by providing connections and helping them “…think ahead in a time when they’re firefighting.”   Read the interview here.  (GLTAAC is part of the Economic Growth Institute.)

April 6, 2020: Indiana job shop to begin TAAF program

With their Adjustment Plan just approved, this vehicle industry supplier will soon start spending their $75K in matching funds. Their customized plan includes improvements to support systems, a re-vamped marketing strategy, and a focus on increased efficiency.

April 3, 2020:  Michigan defense supplier completes Digital Marketing project

This GLTAAC client needed help to maximize their website’s impact. The manufacturer selected a consultant with the expertise to do a thorough review of their existing site. The consultant looked at all aspects of the site, including Google Analytics, SEO rankings, and content needs. The result was a well-defined plan of next steps for website development, with the goal of improving the manufacturer’s market presence

March 23, 2020:  GLTAAC staff available, working remotely

Due to the current Stay Home order in the state of Michigan, the GLTAAC staff are working remotely. We expect minimal delays in operations and will continue to be available as always. Please contact us at if you have any concerns or questions.

March 16, 2020: It’s GLTAAC Graduation Season – 7 firms complete the TAAF program

This month, GLTAAC ‘graduated’ 7 manufacturing firms from the TAAF program. During their time in TAAF, this group completed 44 projects with a total value of $534,000 (and TAAF paying for half). We are pleased to report that in aggregate, since starting TAAF, this group increased sales by 39% and employment by 9%.

But the value of GLTAAC and TAAF was best stated by one graduate:

“GLTAAC was very helpful, not just in partially funding projects, but in helping us identify areas where this assistance could be most beneficial — because they understood our business.”

March 13, 2020: Ohio metal stamping firm completes $20K website update

This Ohio GLTAAC client used TAAF co-funding for a comprehensive website re-design. The manufacturer chose the consultant who worked with them to first develop a website strategy, and then create the website and conduct training so ongoing updates can be performed by in-house employees. The GLTAAC client now has an SEO optimized, mobile-responsive website complete with videos and pages devoted to highlighting their capabilities. Total cost of the project was $20K, with TAAF funding 50%.

March 5, 2020:   Plastics Business article focuses on TAAF program, Indiana GLTAAC client

In its 2020 Issue 1, Plastics Business Magazine (a MAPP publication), describes the Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms program, and highlights how it worked for GLTAAC client Bamar Plastics (South Bend, IN).  “There are no downsides to this program,” states Heather Meixel, Bamar CEO & President.

Read the full article here:  Nationally Funded Program Offers Assistance to Manufacturers

February 24, 2020: Michigan firm uses SPC training to tackle quality issues

This Michigan machining firm used TAAF funding to help build worker skills and also resolve recurring quality issues. They recently completed a project introducing their team to the effective use of SPC. Using a consultant who trained onsite at the firm’s facility, classroom instruction was followed by a review of actual production data. The manufacturer now has a team equipped to use a consistent approach to monitor processes, identify issues, and find solutions.

February 21, 2020: Ohio Equipment manufacturer enhances Lean Leadership

Looking to further improve efficiency, an Ohio GLTAAC client chose to use TAAF co-funding for Yellow and Green Belt training. This supplier to the healthcare market chose a trusted consultant to provide on-site training, including hands-on exercises. The $15K project (funded 50% by TAAF) enabled the firm to take another step in its Lean journey.

February 18, 2020: Indiana firm uses TAAF funds for $28K Digital Marketing effort

This consumer goods manufacturer selected two consultants to complete projects to help expand their market with a specific category of buyers. One project focused on creating a special website tailored to the firm’s target audience. The second consultant designed email blasts to the audience, sent to arrive as the buyers were making their purchasing decisions. TAAF matching funds paid for half the $28K cost of the projects.

February 16, 2020: Funding plan submitted for Michigan manufacturer

GLTAAC has submitted the TAAF funding plan for a Michigan furniture manufacturer. The plan includes a look at the firm’s market, SWOT, and how they will spend their $75K of TAAF matching funds. After the plan is approved, the manufacturer will start off with ERP upgrades and organizational development projects. Additional projects will support a new product launch and help implement Lean concepts, with an eye on improving quality and lowering costs. Read more about GLTAAC’s Adjustment Plan development process here.

January 28, 2020: Indiana manufacturer completes 3 TAAF projects ($37K value)

Employee training, market research, and leadership development – this Indiana machine maker recently completed TAAF co-funded projects that tackled each of these areas. The overall effort served to strengthen their market position, and to develop a readiness to embrace challenges in a competitive environment. Combined, the projects cost was $37K – with the TAAF program paying for half.

January 27, 2020: Website development is first TAAF project for Ohio foundry

A new GLTAAC client is off to a great start in their road to recovery. GLTAAC had worked with the Ohio foundry to develop their Adjustment Plan, which lays out a schedule to first focus on marketing projects to increase their top line. The firm has now begun a website development project, accompanied by a project to create video content for the site. The combined efforts represent a $34K pricetag, with the TAAF program paying 50%.

January 24, 2020:  New Ohio client is ready to begin spending TAAF funds

An Ohio instrumentation manufacturer has just been approved to begin spending their TAAF matching funds. Their Adjustment Plan was accepted in December and they are excited to start their first TAAF project. The firm will focus on new product development and is currently selecting a consultant to provide expert assistance. GLTAAC project managers coordinate client projects, and can also assist if needed to identify and select the right outside expertise. Read more about the Projects We Fund here.

January 22, 2020: Updated exhibit design supports new product line for Michigan manufacturer

Looking to promote a new service, this Michigan machine builder needed help to support a project launch. They wanted to exhibit at several trade shows attended by their target market, but needed an updated booth designed to emphasize their new capabilities. Working with a consultant of their choice, the manufacturer used TAAF co-funding to update their exhibit “look” with the right message – and in time for a key show.

December 9, 2019: Ohio Manufacturer Starts Leveraging $75K of TAAF Co-Funding

Rexarc International (located in West Alexandria) is the leading U.S. manufacturer of acetylene plants and related equipment.  They recently qualified for the TAAF program, with help from GLTAAC, after losing sales to low-cost foreign producers from India and elsewhere.  Rexarc has just started implementing business improvement projects through the program, with TAAF paying for half the cost.

 “We are excited to be working with GLTAAC. The $75,000 of project co-funding they provide is going to help us make improvements we’ve been wanting to make, but were just outside our reach as a small business.  We are thankful to our local contacts at the University of Dayton’s Fastlane, for making us aware of the opportunity and connecting us with GLTAAC.”   Rob Moyer, Rexarc CEO

December 8, 2019:  Michigan firm uses TAAF funds for NDT Certification

With the goal of expanding skills and services, this machine shop wanted to bring NDT testing in-house. They selected a consultant who trained and certified their employees in three different methods of NDT testing. TAAF funding picked up 50% of the cost for the project, which resulted in certification and increased worker skills.

December 6, 2019:  Ohio firm uses TAAF matching funds for new product development, market diversification

When asked by a key customer to develop a new product, this Ohio GLTAAC client rose to the challenge. The automotive supplier chose to work with a consultant who not only introduced their staff to product design principles, but also provided simulation engineering for the new product. The opportunity gives the manufacturer a chance to re-gain business previously lost to imports – and would allow their customer to re-shore production for the part.

December 5, 2019:  Indiana furniture manufacturer submits TAAF Adjustment Plan

After their sales were hit hard by Chinese imports, this kitchen cabinet maker turned to GLTAAC for help. Working with the family-owned business, the GLTAAC team took a look at their market, performed a SWOT analysis, and developed a TAAF Adjustment Plan, which details how the firm will use $75,000 of matching funds to re-gain their competitive edge. After their plan is approved, the company will focus on increasing brand awareness, improving support for their dealers, and worker training.

November 11, 2019:  Skills Training helps Ohio manufacturer improve quality

For their first TAAF project, this Ohio foundry chose to build worker skills via software training. The GLTAAC client selected an outside consultant to conduct the class which focused on enhancing engineering capabilities. With the training complete, the firm’s engineering staff now has additional expertise for their continuous quality improvement efforts.

November 8, 2019:  TAAF project supports Certification effort for Indiana automotive supplier

As they moved toward IATF 16949-2016 certification, this GLTAAC client wanted to address internal training. Working throught the TAAF program, the firm undertook a project to assess their needs and then implement training to meet certification deadlines. With the project now complete, the manufacturer has achieved certification, and has a plan for continued employee education.

November 7, 2019:  GLTAAC takeaways from OESA/Harbour Results 2019 Auto Tooling Update

GLTAAC attended OESA and Harbour Results’ 2019 Automotive Tooling Update last week.  Good event.  Troy Nix (from AMBA) was enthusiastic and uplifting in the morning (as usual).  However, in the afternoon, the forecast provided by Laurie Harbour (Harbour Results) was sobering.

While she doesn’t expect a full-blown recession next year, Harbour forecasts a total NA spend of only $6.8 billion in 2020 (down from $8.7 billion in 2019).  Furthermore, LH anticipates the market will stay at just $6-8 billion for next several years due to cyclic factors and structural changes in the auto industry.  These include major cost-containment initiatives by the OEMs (needed to facilitate significant investment in EV and AV development), as well as growing import competition from China (intensifying already severe price pressure on tooling).

As a result, Ms. Harbour believes 50-75 shops are likely to go out of business in the next 5-7 years, with smaller shops in the greatest peril.  For more info, American Machinist published a good summary of Harbour’s forecast here.

November 6, 2019 – Recruiting project successful for Michigan GLTAAC client

Filling a key Executive Team position was a priority for this Michigan manufacturer. They chose to use TAAF matching funds to hire an outside recruiter to find just the right person. The recruiter located multiple candidates, resulting in a successful hire. After a short time on the job, the new team member has already produced results for this GLTAAC client.

October 15, 2019 – Ohio metal fabrication firm uses TAAF funding for Skills Training and Certification

This Ohio GLTAAC client used TAAF co-funding to help them comply with a key customer’s certification requirement. Working with a consultant who was familiar with their company and their market, the firm was able to improve worker skills and achieve compliance. They now see an opportunity not only to increase sales with their key client, but also to expand to others that have similar certification needs.

October 14, 2019 – Michigan Tool & Die firm starts TAAF program

When their sales were hit hard by import competition, this Michigan automotive supplier turned to the TAAF program for help. After working with the team at GLTAAC to complete their Adjustment Plan, the firm is now eligible to receive $75K in TAAF program co-funding. This new GLTAAC client will get started with a project to improve their sales process. Projects on deck include employee skills training and production efficiency initiatives. Read more about TAAF Adjustment Plans here.

October 9, 2019 – Iron Foundry starts TAAF program with ERP upgrade initiative

With an eye on improving efficiencies across their facilities, this Indiana TAAF client chose to start spending their matching funds on an ERP upgrade and training project. Their goal is to establish a common platform among the sites, not only to improve efficiencies, but also to provide data to inform management decisions. Now that they have successfully completed this first $32K project, they will use TAAF co-funding to complete the ERP system conversion.

October 8, 2019 – Ohio client uses TAAF funding to increase Market Share

Looking to expand sales for a product line, this Ohio auto parts supplier used TAAF co-funding for a market discovery project. The firm worked with a consultant of their choice who conducted in-depth interviews and surveys to develop a solid picture of the target market. Using the output from this effort, the firm now has a better understanding of the size of the market, sales trends, and their ideal buyer’s personas.

September 16, 2019 – GLTAAC client hires Sales director via TAAF co-funded Recruiting Project

When it was time to hire a new leader for their sales team, TAAF funding helped this manufacturer find the right person. After choosing a recruiting firm that understood the needs of their industry, the firm used TAAF matching funds to help pay for the effort. The recruiter located the right person for the job, and now this GLTAAC client is ready to make the most of their sales team and new sales tools (a new website and a customer newsletter plan – both projects also co-funded by TAAF).

September 12, 2019 – TAAF funds support lead generation and business development

This Indiana mold maker is using TAAF projects to expand their market share. In two coordinated projects, the firm is using outside consultants to locate and qualify new prospects, then follow up for complete business development coverage. Combined, these projects represent a $98K effort, funded 50% by TAAF.

September 10, 2019 – Lean Cell Improvement Training produces results for Michigan manufacturer

A Michigan GLTAAC client has completed a Lean Cell Improvement project, funded 50% by TAAF. The company selected a consultant who worked directly with cell coaches and teams in both simulated and actual environments. This was a successful project, with the firm anticipating a 15% improvement in line productivity during the year. Additionally, the effort yielded well-trained teams that are committed to continuous improvement efforts.

August 20, 2019 – Indiana firm uses TAAF co-funding to support new product launch

A key objective in this manufacturer’s TAAF Adjustment Plan was to increase sales via the introduction of new products and services. To maximize impact, this Indiana machine builder is using TAAF matching funds to pay for half of a $54K Product Launch effort. Working with an outside consultant of their choice, the project will deliver Product Launch support assets, including social media content, videos, and an SEO campaign. Read more about the kinds of projects TAAF can co-fund here.

August 16, 2019 – TAAF matching funds facilitate ERP system transition

This Michigan 5-axis machine shop was ready to switch from their old ERP system to a newer, more flexible one that better met their needs. They chose a consultant who not only implemented the transition, but also created new standard operating procedures, and trained the firm’s employees. The project’s $31K cost was 50% paid by TAAF funds.

August 12, 2019 – Michigan fabrication firm completes Leadership Development project

Working with an outside consultant, this project helped to clarify the manufacturer’s strategic goals, and then help their Leadership Team master the skills to best support those goals. The project included quarterly planning and in-person team sessions over a 12-month period. TAAF funding paid for half the $40K cost.

August 8, 2019 – Ohio firm works with their MEP to develop online website portal

This Ohio steel component manufacturer just completed a website portal development effort which streamlines the quote request process for their clients and prospects. The firm used TAAF co-funding for the project, and selected their regional MEP as the consultant. They tackled the issue with two projects: first, development of requirements, and then, the actual implementation of the portal. The result is a straightforward ordering portal with an interface designed for the needs of the customer. The combined cost of the projects was $53K, with TAAF picking up half the bill.

July 11, 2019 – Market Discovery project leading to increased Sales for Michigan client

A GLTAAC client just completed an extensive Market Discovery and rebranding project via the TAAF program. The project yielded improved awareness of their brand in their target market, allowing this manufacturer to increase sales forecasts (and they are currently meeting those forecasts). This automotive supplier used $22K of TAAF matching funds for the year-long effort.

July 8, 2019 – GLTAAC client uses matching funds for recruiting & employee engagement

An Ohio equipment manufacturer is using TAAF matching funds to take their Human Resource department to the next level. They recently selected an outside provider to help them improve skills in recruiting, onboarding, and employee engagement. TAAF is paying for 50% of this $24K project.

July 3, 2019 – Indiana firm completes 2 Leadership Development projects

Working with a regional university, this GLTAAC client used TAAF matching funds to support their leadership training initiative. One project addressed management challenges and decision-making. Another served to enhance leadership skills for members of their engineering and technical staff. Both projects were identified in the machine builder’s TAAF Adjustment Plan (AP). Read about the AP process here.

July 1, 2019 – Ohio electronics firm begins employee training project

A GLTAAC client in the Dayton region is using TAAF money for Six Sigma training. The project will result in both Yellow and Green Belts for key employees as part of the firm’s quality and cost-containment efforts.

June 10, 2019 – MetalForming Magazine highlights GLTAAC Indiana client and TAAF program

This month’s MetalForming Magazine highlights TAAF in two ways:

  • Joe Jancsurak’s editorial title says it well: “Hurt by Foreign Competition? Help’s Available” (read it here)
  • See how the TAAF program worked for GLTAAC client Mursix Corp (Indiana). “Mursix executives want others to know about and perhaps benefit from what they learned: Help is available through the Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms (TAAF) program…”  Read the full article here.
June 9, 2019 – Michigan automotive supplier completes quality project

This GLTAAC client is finalizing an internal audit of its quality management system in preparation of ISO and IATF certification audits. The client selected the supplier to work on this project,and the TAAF program paid for half of the $21K cost.

June 8, 2019 – Ohio foundry reaches TAAF program milestone

A mid-sized Ohio manufacturer is advancing through the TAAF process. Their petition was recently approved, which means there were determined to be eligible to move on in the program (more about the eligibility here.) The next step will be work with the GLTAAC team to develop their Adjustment Plan, which will chart the best way for them spend their TAAF funding as they recover from import competition.

June 5, 2019 – Indiana GLTAAC client begins 2 internet marketing projects

As they move to diversify, this Indiana food industry equipment manufacturer is using TAAF matching funds to reach new markets. The firm recently started two related internet marketing projects. The first focuses on creation of website content, with the second concentrated on delivering email blasts to their target audience. Combined, the projects total $29K, with the TAAF program picking up 50%.

June 4, 2019 – Michigan GLTAAC client approved to start TAAF Adjustment Plan

A Michigan furniture manufacturer recently completed the first phase of the TAAF process. With their petition certified, they will now move on to creating a recovery plan, which acts as a roadmap for how they will spend $75,000 in TAAF matching funds. See more about the Adjustment Plan here

May 10, 2019 – New Ohio GLTAAC client begins marketing and recruiting projects

What’s the best way to get the most from TAAF matching funds? Start spending right away. This new GLTAAC client, a metal stamping firm in Ohio, was ready to go as soon as they were accepted into the TAAF program. They immediately began 3 projects: two focused on marketing (including a new website) and one dedicated to recruiting. Their TAAF matching funds will pay for half of the $50K cost for these three critical efforts.

May 7, 2019 – Michigan machine builder approved for TAAF matching funds

With their TAAF Adjustment Plan (AP) approved, this new GLTAAC client will soon start spending their funding. Initial projects will include ERP training for staff and a professional development program for their leadership team – with 50% of the cost paid by the TAAF program. Click here to learn more about the TAAF Adjustment Plan.

May 2, 2019 – Indiana furniture manufacturer to begin TAAF program

One of GLTAAC’s newest clients, this smaller Indiana manufacturer is now approved for TAAF matching funds. Because TAAF assistance is customized to meet the needs of the firm, this client will focus their TAAF project spending on building market awareness via an improved website and trade show presence. To learn more about the kinds of projects the TAAF project co-funds, click here.

April 15, 2019 – New from GLTAAC – Import Exposure Status for the region

Want to stay up-to-date on the level of foreign competition confronting manufacturers? Over the years, the Great Lakes TAAC has continuously tracked and analyzed U.S. imports and their potential impact on manufacturers in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio.  Now, we’re sharing the GLTAAC Import Exposure Status on our website. Learn more in GLTAAC Director, Scott Jacobs’ blog post, then see this month’s Import Exposure Status.

April 12, 2019 – Ohio firm uses TAAF funding to achieve ISO 9001:2015 Certification

A steel products manufacturer used their TAAF matching funds to achieve ISO 9001:2015 Certification critical to their industry. The effort proceeded in separate projects, first addressing training and pre-certification preparation, then the audit and resulting certification. The two projects involved separate outside consultants (selected by the GLTAAC client) and represent a $42K expenditure, with TAAF paying 50%.

April 8, 2019 – Indiana machine builder begins TAAF program with staff development project

A new GLTAAC client’s TAAF Adjustment Plan was just approved this spring. The plan acts as a roadmap, outlining how the firm will use $75K of TAAF co-funding as they recover from import impact. This Indiana manufacturer was quick to get started with a leadership development project, and will next tackle marketing and worker training efforts.

April 1, 2019 – Michigan furniture manufacturer applies for TAAF program

After several years of declining sales due to import competition, this Michigan firm recently worked with GLTAAC to submit an application to the TAAF program. This is first step in TAAF process, which leads to receiving up to $75K of matching funds for critical business improvement projects. Read more about the TAAF process here.

March 21, 2019 – Indiana GLTAAC client uses TAAF funds to improve sales

The TAAF program co-funds many types of projects (see list here), including efforts to support marketing. For example, a GLTAAC client in Indiana just started a Sales Development project, with 50% of the $42K project to be paid by their TAAF funding. This manufacturer selected the consultant for the project, which includes market discovery and implementation of sales processes required to penetrate those markets. See a list of projects the TAAF program co-funds here.

March 19, 2019 – TAAF co-funds Lean training for GLTAAC client staff at regional Community College

A GLTAAC Michigan client is now receiving Lean Manufacturing training for employees – 50% funded by the TAAF program. A regional community college will conduct the training, with the goal of creating a team equipped to manage and implement Lean.

March 13, 2019 – Dayton area manufacturer submits TAAF application

This gas equipment producer recently submitted their TAAF application. The GLTAAC team works closely with clients to complete and submit program applications – at no charge to the firm. The next step for this Ohio manufacturer will be the creation of a recovery plan (written by GLTAAC in close collaboration with the client). The plan will outline how the firm plans to spend $75,000 of TAAF matching funds. More about the TAAF process here.


February 24, 2019 – GLTAAC client uses matching funds to recruit Veterans

Although they have been in the TAAF program for less than a year, this Michigan fabrication firm recently got started on their fourth TAAF co-funded project. The manufacturer will now begin working with a consultant to recruit military Veterans. This effort follows their previous TAAF projects, which included market discovery, sales development, and leadership coaching.

February 12, 2019 – TAAF funds pay 50% of targeted email campaign for Indiana GLTAAC client

A GLTAAC client in Indiana recently completed a targeted email campaign project, 50% funded by the TAAF program.The consumer goods manufacturer worked with an outside consultant to reach 18,000 key decision makers in their market. After seeing great results from this initial effort, the manufacturer will do a follow-up campaign with the same consultant, which will also use TAAF matching funds.

February 2, 2019 – Automotive components supplier submits TAAF application

When this Ohio manufacturer’s sales had been hit by import competition from China, they were glad to learn about the TAAF program. In December, GLTAAC worked with the firm to submit their TAAF petition – the initial step in qualifying for program co-funding. The manufacturer is now on track to receive $75,000 in matching funds for projects to help improve their global competitiveness. See a list of the kinds of projects TAAF co-funds here.

January 7, 2019 – A Mixed Picture, For Now, About Manufacturing’s Strength

On consecutive days last week, economic indicators were released painting a mixed picture about manufacturing’s economic strength. On Jan. 3, the Institute for Supply Management released its monthly manufacturing index. It had a noticeable drop, to 54.1% in December from 59.3% the month before. That meant manufacturing was still expanding, but at a slower rate. Anything above 50% is positive territory. The next day, the U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics released its monthly jobs report. That showed a gain of 32,000 manufacturing jobs for December and 284,000 for 2018. That was part of an overall increase of 312,000 non-farm jobs, hailed as good economic news. Read the entire article here.

January 4, 2019 – Manufacturers under Trump had best year for jobs since ’97

Under President Trump, U.S. manufacturers posted their best year in two decades, the government reported Friday. The manufacturing industry created a net 284,000 jobs in 2018, its best performance since 1997. The Labor Department said manufacturers added 32,000 jobs in December. Most of those new jobs were in durable goods such as fabricated metals and electronics. Read the entire article here.

December 15, 2018 – New Website lets Michigan manufacturer emphasize its strengths

With their website past its ‘expiration’ date, this GLTAAC client was eager to update their image so it matched their capabilities. The precision machining company used TAAF co-funding to help pay a design firm to completely update their website.  They now have a site that clearly states their ability to deliver high-quality machining services, on time and competitively priced – with easy access for visitors to quickly request a quote.  See a list of the kinds of projects TAAF co-funds here

December 10, 2018 – Manufacturing Imports Still on Record Pace for 2018

Despite all the talk of a trade war, manufacturing imports are higher than ever. Through October, imports of manufactured goods are up 10% for 2018 year-to-date. This is after hitting an all-time high in full-year 2017, of just over $2 trillion. It is now a certainty that manufacturing imports in 2018 will break 2017’s record.

Furthermore, manufacturing imports from every one of the 25 largest source countries are up (see chart here that includes the top 10).  For more information, see Scott Jacobs’ blog entry:  Good Times for Small Manufacturers – But Dangerous Too

December 1, 2018 – GLTAAC Director, Scott Jacobs quoted on CNN Business

Scott Jacobs, GLTAAC Director, was quoted in a CNN Business article which examines whether today’s trade policies are causing in increase in US jobs.  Read the entire article here.

November 30, 2018 – GLTAAC helps Northeast Indiana manufacturer “achieve a new level of business excellence”

TAAF was a great program for this Northeast Indiana machining and fabrication firm, which graduated from the program in December 2018.  TAAF co-funding helped them tackle critical projects such as ISO Certification, machine training, and ERP training. According to the firm, “Great Lakes TAAC helped us achieve a new level of business excellence and therefore competitiveness.”

October 30, 2018 – Effect of Tariffs Not Yet Apparent in Trade Numbers

Somewhat surprisingly, we have yet to see the current, impending, or threatened future tariffs significantly impact overall U.S. trade numbers.  The Census Bureau recently released their advanced trade info for September, and both imports and exports of goods increased for the month –

This will not last.  Unless something significant changes, tariffs by the U.S. and its major  trading partners will soon start to eat into our import and export volumes.  The Great Lakes TAAC believes this will probably start being reflected in the official numbers by December or January.  Of course, some manufacturers – especially smaller ones – are already getting squeezed by higher material costs brought on by tariffs.  But overall, it seems trade is still humming.

GLTAAC will post manufacturing specific import info when it comes out.


September 10, 2018 – Michigan manufacturer benefits from 2 programs at the UofM’s Economic Growth Institute

Over the past few years, this Michigan machine builder lost significant sales as a result of decreased defense spending at home and and rising foreign competition from abroad.  The firm turned to the University of Michigan’s Economic Growth Institute for help, and received assistance from two Institute programs: DMAP and GLTAAC (the Defense Manufacturing Assistance Program and the Great Lakes Trade Adjustment Assistance Center).

The company started with DMAP, completing 2 major marketing projects through the program.  Then in August, they were approved to receive planning assistance and matching funds through the federal Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms program.  GLTAAC is now working with the firm to develop their Adjustment Plan, which outlines their recovery strategy, including how they will spend $75,000 in TAAF co-funding for critical business improvement projects.

The Economic Growth Institute is pleased to do its part in creating positive economic impact by helping small- and medium- sized firms such as this Michigan manufacturer.  Read more about the Institute

September 6, 2018  – GLTAAC at UofM’s Economic Growth Institute awarded $1.1 million

GLTAAC has been awarded $1.1 million to continue helping import-impacted manufacturers in Michigan, Indiana, and Ohio.  The award comes from the U.S. Department of Commerce through its Economic Development Administration, as part of the Trade Adjustment Assistance for Firms program (TAAF).

Initially selected as a TAAF center in 1983, GLTAAC has assisted hundreds of companies over the past 35 years.  GLTAAC is part of the University of Michigan’s Economic Growth Institute, which is dedicated to fostering innovation and creating positive economic impact by assisting small and medium-sized enterprises. Read more about the Economic Growth Institute here.

July 19, 2018 – Automation to improve competitiveness of small medical supplies manufacturer

Despite a long history of high quality, this Michigan GLTAAC client was being swamped by low-cost Chinese imports.  To protect their corner of the market, the company knew they needed to cut costs in one of their core product lines.  This meant adding a custom automation system to some of their highly specialized, but aging, production equipment.  The firm recently began a $40K project to do just that — with the TAAF program paying 50% of the cost.  This project is one of several significant improvement initiatives identified in the company’s TAAF Adjustment Plan.


June 14, 2018 – Central Ohio manufacturer completes $25K ERP upgrade project via TAAF program

This Ohio steel parts manufacturer had been making due with an older, unsupported ERP system.  After completing several other projects via TAAF, they selected a consultant to implement an ERP upgrade and train employees on its use.  The six-month project was completed recently, with GLTAAC splitting the bill with the firm on this $25K effort.

June 12, 2018 – Indiana machine builder submits TAAF application

GLTAAC has submitted a TAAF program application for an Indiana machine builder.  The firm had seen sales and employment dip because of steady import competition.  When approved for the program, the manufacturer will receive a customized Adjustment Plan, which outlines the most impactful ways for them to spend their $75,000 in TAAF co-funding.

June 8, 2018 – New Ohio GLTAAC client begins Process Improvement project

After their recent acceptance into the TAAF program, an Ohio steel services supplier is off to a great start.  They immediately began a Lean Manufacturing project with their regional MEP, designed to reduce the cost and turnaround time for product testing.  The firm’s next TAAF projects will focus on market diversification, improving their quoting process, and creating an effective framework for business planning.  (TAAF provides matching funds for a wide variety of critical business improvement projects – read more here.)

June 6, 2018:   Michigan firm gets started with $25K project via TAAF

With their TAAF Adjustment Plan in place, this Michigan fabrication firm was quick to get started spending their program matching funds.  Their first project is focused on discovering market diversification opportunities.  The firm selected the consultant for the market discovery project and GLTAAC will pay half the cost.

May 14, 2018 – GLTAAC helps Michigan firm begin TAAF process

A supplier to the medical market, this Michigan manufacturer got in touch with GLTAAC when their sales were hit hard by import competition.  GLTAAC worked with the firm to develop and submit their TAAF petition, which is the starting point to qualify for TAAF program assistance. (More about the TAAF process here.)

May 12, 2018 – Metal stamping firm on path to receive $75,000 in TAAF matching funds

GLTAAC has submitted an application (called a ‘petition’) on behalf of this Ohio manufacturer.  The firm is facing steep competition from Asian imports, causing a drop in both sales and employment.  After the application is approved, GLTAAC will work with the manufacturer to create their Adjustment Plan, defining their roadmap to recovery and how TAAF matching funds will help.

May 1, 2018 – GLTAAC says farewell to Senior Project Manager, John Antos

After 11 years with GLTAAC, John Antos has retired.  John has been a valued member of the team, helping over 100 companies get the most from their TAAF assistance.  We thank John for his commitment to GLTAAC’s clients, and also for being a truly collaborative colleague.  The entire GLTAAC team wishes him a very Happy Retirement.

April 17, 2018 – GLTAAC welcomes Project Manager:  Scott Phillips

Scott Phillips is now part of the GLTAAC team, serving as Senior Project Manager.  Scott looks forward to applying his expertise in manufacturing and business development to help GLTAAC clients.  Click here to learn more about Scott.

April 2, 2018 –  GLTAAC welcomes Paul Crossley to the team

Joining as Senior Project Manager, Paul Crossly brings with him extensive experience in manufacturing and supply chain management.  Paul has already begun to provide expert service to GLTAAC clients.  Read more about Paul here.

April 1, 2018 – Indiana manufacturer submits TAAF program application

This iron foundry was experiencing a drop in sales due to steep import competition.  GLTAAC worked with the firm to create their TAAF Petition, which is the first step in the process to receive up to $75,000 of TAAF matching funds.  Read more about the TAAF process here.

March 5, 2018 – TAAF co-funding yields outstanding results for Indiana firm

“I just wanted to let you know how thankful I am for GLTAAC’s support.” —  After completing the first 2 TAAF projects in their Adjustment Plan, this Indiana  GLTAAC client reports outstanding results.  The manufacturer’s initial projects focused on leadership development, which helped them refine individual skills, develop a unified vision, and then establish quantifiable performance metrics.  The firm is now ready to continue using their TAAF funding for sales development.

Feb 26, 2018 – Indiana GLTAAC client pursues major online marketing campaign

An Indiana consumer products company is using TAAF matching funds to continue an in-depth digital marketing effort.  The client chose to use a marketing agency which they had previously used for a re-branding campaign.  The project is valued at $45K, with TAAF funds paying for half.

Feb 22, 2018 – Ohio forging company submits TAAF funding plan

This month, GLTAAC submitted an Adjustment Plan for this Ohio oil industry supplier.  GLTAAC worked with the firm to identify the best ways to spend their $75,000 in TAAF assistance, with an initial focus on Lean Manufacturing initiatives.

Feb 20, 2018 – First phase of website development completed for Michigan firm

Looking to expand their customer base, this Michigan transportation components supplier’s first TAAF project resulted in a brand new website. Now that their site reflects the value they provide to their market, the firm’s next TAAF project will build on that presence with a Lead Generation project to develop new prospects and increase sales.

January 12, 2018 – GLTAAC co-funds ISO 9001:2015 transition for Michigan electronics manufacturer

This Michigan GLTAAC client has begun using TAAF matching funds to update their certification to ISO 9001:2015.  The firm’s GLTAAC Adjustment Plan had specified this effort as one of the critical projects in their recovery from import competition.  The manufacturer selected the consultant, who will help them achieve compliance with ISO 9001:2015 requirements.

January 9, 2018 – Indiana automotive supplier off to a great start in TAAF program

After they were approved for TAAF funding last fall, this manufacturer was eager to start implementing the projects outlined in their Adjustment Plan.  They are currently tackling four projects worth over $102K, with TAAF funding picking up half of the bill.   These projects address qualify certification, Lean manufacturing, professional development, and key personnel recruiting.

January 5, 2018 – Ohio foundry starts TAAF process

When their sales were hit hard by import competition, this Ohio manufacturer turned to GLTAAC and the TAAF program for assistance.  GLTAAC recently submitted the firm’s TAAF application, which is the first step in receiving planning and funding assistance via the TAAF program.  GLTAAC looks forward to helping this newest client get back on track in 2018.

December 21, 2017 – Ohio manufacturer submits TAAF application

With their TAAF petition now submitted, this Ohio iron foundry is on the path to receive $75,000 in TAAF matching funds — plus a customized action plan which charts the course for their recovery.  The firm has been experiencing severe import competition, and will use the funding assistance to help them invest in their future.

December 19, 2017 – Training to be first project for Michigan GLTAAC client

This Michigan machining firm will start spending their TAAF co-funding to improve their employee skill set.  The project will train operators on the use of a newly-acquired machine.  The project will help the manufacturer achieve the goals in their TAAF Adjustment Plan.

December 7, 2017 – Site visit completed to new Michigan client

GLTAAC staff completed their visit to an Upper Peninsula manufacturer today – one of our newest clients.  The onsite meetings help GLTAAC understand the firm’s goals and needs, which will guide the use of their $75,000 in TAAF matching funds.

November 17, 2017 – Recovery plan process beginning for Ohio manufacturer

After completing the application phase of the TAAF process, a large steel component manufacturer is moving on to initiate their Adjustment Plan.  GLTAAC staff are onsite today at the firm’s Ohio facility, working closely with management to begin developing the plan.  The AP serves as the firm’s ‘roadmap to recovery,’ including an analysis of their entire business, and will identify how the how the firm will spend their $75,000 in TAAF matching funds.

November 14, 2017 – Indiana firm begins TAAF program with sales rep search

With their Adjustment Plan recently approved, this Indiana injection mold manufacturer has already started to spend their TAAF funding with a sales rep recruitment project.  The firm will use an outside recruiting firm to locate a new sales team member to meet the specific needs of their market.

November 8, 2017 – Michigan defense supplier continues TAAF program with Internet Marketing project

This Michigan GLTAAC client has already undertaken several initiatives in their Adjustment Plan, including quality certification and market research projects.  Now they are using TAAF matching funds to expand their client base via a comprehensive Internet Marketing Campaign.  The firm will work with an outside consultant to update their website, establish a social media presence, and improve their SEO (Search Engine Optimization).

November 7, 2017 – Lean Manufacturing training initiative next project for Indiana GLTAAC client

A GLTAAC client will begin a long-term Lean Manufacturing training initiative, 50% co-funded by TAAF.  The Indiana metrology firm will initially focus on one department, with the goal of finding cost savings while improving quality.  Read about the kinds of projects GLTAAC co-funds here.

October 11, 2017 –  Indiana Specialty Components supplier approved to use TAAF  matching funds

This month, an Indiana precision assemblies manufacturer became the newest GLTAAC client.  The firm will immediately begin to spend their $75,000 in TAAF matching funds on the initiatives identified in their Adjustment Plan: market diversification, leadership development, Lean training and quality certifications.

October 6, 2017 – Michigan firm takes first step in TAAF program

GLTAAC has submitted an application (called a ‘petition’) to the TAAF program for a metal fabrication company.  Import competition had hurt both sales and employment for this Michigan manufacturer, which led them to pursue TAAF assistance.  After their application is approved, they will move on to the planning phase of the program (more about TAAF phases here).

October 3, 2017 – Ohio manufacturer completes TAAF projects to help top and bottom lines

With an eye on both sales and quality improvement, this Ohio foundry just completed two of the initiatives identified in their TAAF Adjustment Plan. The first project upgraded the firm’s website to emphasize key capabilities and make it easier for prospects to request a quote.  The second project provided onsite internal auditor training; an important step in the firm’s effort to achieve ISO certification.  In each case, GLTAAC paid 50% of the project cost.

September 21, 2017 – Indiana firm completes TAAF recovery plan

This injection mold manufacturer has submitted their TAAF Adjustment Plan, which serves as a roadmap for the most effective ways to use TAAF co-funding to increase their global competitiveness. The firm will use their TAAF matching funds to identify new markets, provide worker skills training, and improve efficiency and quality.

September 19, 2017 – Michigan firm working with MEP on Leadership Development 

This automotive supplier will use TAAF matching funds for training to help management lead employees through industry challenges. The project was identified in the firm’s Adjustment Plan, in addition to productivity improvement and marketing efforts.

September 15, 2017 – Oil & gas industry supplier submits TAAF application

Import competition, combined with a downturn in the industry, took a toll on this Ohio manufacturer’s sales. The application is the first step in the TAAF process to qualify for $75,000 in matching funds.

September 11, 2017 – Machine tool orders continue to increase

Machine tool orders are one of the strongest leading indicators for the overall manufacturing sector, and the news from AMT is good. July was the 6th straight month with a -year-over-year increase and orders are up 10% for the first 7 months of 2017.  This bodes well for total manufacturing activity for the rest of this year and into early 2018.  In our region (North Central – East), year-to-date orders are up 12%.  Read the story on American Machinist here.

August 21, 2017 – Lead generation project brings sales for Indiana client

Looking to expand their market share, this Indiana GLTAAC client worked with an outside consultant to locate and qualify new prospects.  The TAAF co-funded project generated qualified prospects, which then went on to become customers.  The firm was so pleased with the results that they are continuing their relationship with the consultant – again using TAAF matching funds to broaden their customer base.

August 18, 2017 – GLTAAC helps Michigan client close skills gap

A Michigan manufacturer has completed a project which yielded six well-trained workers on its newly-acquired Swiss CNC production machine.  The firm selected the consultant for the $15K project (split 50/50 between the firm and GLTAAC), which included onsite hands-on training and follow-up sessions to solidify worker skills.

August 15, 2017 – Ohio firm uses TAAF co-funding for ERP system upgrade

With their existing ERP software soon to be phased out, this metal fabrication firm will split the bill with GLTAAC on a $23K system upgrade.  The project also includes employee training and development of procedures to maximize ERP system effectiveness.

July 19, 2017 – Indiana manufacturer starts TAAF planning phase

GLTAAC staff are in central Indiana today working with the management team of an Indiana stamper to begin developing their Adjustment Plan.  The company’s AP will identify their path to improved competitiveness and lay out the projects they plan to undertake using their $75,000 in matching program funds. [3069]

July 10, 2017 – Ohio GLTAAC client using MEP to improve top-line

An Ohio auto parts supplier is working with their regional MEP center to implement several key projects through the TAAF program.  These focus on marketing strategy, new product development, and internet marketing, with GLTAAC paying for 50% of the project costs. [3064]

July 5, 2017 – Michigan TAAF Program graduate regains profitability

After completing three incumbent worker training projects in just under three years, this small Michigan machine shop finished the TAAF program at the end of last month. These targeted training projects brought improved capabilities and lower costs, which helped the company win more business, grow sales, and return to profitability. [3046]

June 22, 2017 – GLTAAC welcomes Kevin Rucinski to the team

Joining as Senior Project Manager, Kevin brings solid experience in manufacturing and management.  He looks forward to working with GLTAAC clients to help improve their competitiveness. Read more about Kevin here.

June 15, 2017 – Michigan consumer products firm completes rebranding

Working aggressively with 4 different consultants via the TAAF program over the past year, this small Michigan firm successfully redefined its business (even changing its name), refocused its market position, and redesigned all of its promotional materials (including its website).  The company is now ready to grow as it introduces new products and rebuilds market share over the next few years. [3058]

June 8, 2017 – Michigan manufacturer starts TAAF with Certification project

A new GLTAAC client has started to implement their TAAF Adjustment Plan.  For their first project, this precision machining firm is working with their MEP to attain ISO 9001:2015 compliance. Their next project will focus on a redesign of their website. [3062]

May 31, 2017 – Ohio MEP to work with new GLTAAC client on their first project

A new Ohio GLTAAC client will work with an Ohio MEP for their first TAAF co-funded projects.  The projects will advance the automotive supplier’s new product development process and marketing strategy.  GLTAAC will ‘split the bill’ for these projects, providing 50% co-funding to the manufacturer.

May 30, 2017 – Website re-design to be first TAAF project for Ohio firm

With their Adjustment Plan now approved, this central Ohio steel parts manufacturer has begun spending their TAAF co-funding.  Their first project will be a website redesign, using their preferred consultant who has a track record in helping manufacturers get the most out of their web presence. See more about the kinds of projects GLTAAC co-funds. [3066]

May 15, 2017 – Indiana firm to begin TAAF Recovery Plan

An Indiana mold maker was recently accepted into the TAAF program.  The manufacturer, whose sales had been declining due to import competition from Mexico and Asia, will now begin to work with GLTAAC to develop their recovery plan. (See more about the TAAF application and planning process here.) [3068]

April 19, 2017 – Indiana manufacturer off to a great start in TAAF program

With their Adjustment Plan just approved, this Indiana firm wasted no time starting to spend their TAAF matching funds.  The firm began a comprehensive marketing project in April, with the goal of building their brand, improving their web site, and reaching new customers. [3067]

March 22, 2017 – Ohio firm begins TAAF program with ISO certification project

An Ohio foundry will start implementing their TAAF Adjustment Plan this month. They will begin using their TAAF program matching funds for ISO Certification. Future projects will focus on Internet marketing, enhancing productivity, and staff training.

February 27, 2017 – Training & Marketing first TAAF projects for Michigan firm

Now that their Adjustment Plan has been approved, a GLTAAC Michigan client will start spending their TAAF matching funds on an extensive website upgrade.  Additionally, they’ll tackle worker skills training with the goal of enhancing productivity. [3063]

January 10, 2017 – Indiana firm TAAF: will identify new target markets

With its Adjustment Plan recently approved, this La Porte area manufacturer is ready to start spending their TAAF matching funds.  As identified in their plan, the manufacturer will begin with a marketing project to better understand existing customer needs and identify new target market segments. [3061]


January 9, 2017 – GLTAAC Director interviewed on Michigan Radio

GLTAAC Director, Scott Jacobs, recently discussed TAAF on Michigan Radio’s “Stateside/Next Idea” program.

  • Listen to this short (11 minute) interview by going directly to the recording or to the link on the interview’s web page
December 20, 2016

Central Ohio manufacturer begins its TAAF recovery plan:   A steel products manufacturer has been accepted to the TAAF program. This Ohio firm had experienced slumping sales due to competition from low-cost Asian imports.  They will now begin the second TAAF phase, working with GLTAAC staff to assess their business and develop an Adjustment Plan.

December 15, 2016

Indiana manufacturer’s quality and productivity directives supported by TAAF: GLTAAC worked with an Indiana client to split the bill for two significant projects. The firm used TAAF matching funds to help pay for installation and training of new quality control equipment. Additionally, the TAAF program co-funded worker training, with the goal of reducing the firm’s reject percentage.  Combined, these projects represented a total investment of over $65K. [3036]

December 12, 2016

Michigan medical supplies manufacturer begins TAAF program:  After working with GLTAAC to develop their recovery strategy, this firm’s Adjustment Plan has been approved for the implementation phase of the TAAF program.  The firm will start by using their TAAF matching funds to create an internet marketing plan.

New GLTAAC client ready to begin using matching funds:  Now that its Adjustment Plan has been approved, a Michigan machining manufacturer will use its TAAF matching funds to support a variety of critical business improvements.  The plan, prepared by GLTAAC in collaboration with the client, identifies which strategic projects to tackle, as well as an implementation timeline. [3060]


November 16, 2016

GLTAAC wins EDA grant competition – will continue as TAAF center:  Initially selected as a TAAF center in 1983, the U.S. Economic Development Administration recently chose GLTAAC to continue to serve import-challenged manufacturers in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio via the TAAF program.  Read more here.


October 24, 2016

Three clients complete TAAF, receiving a combined $215K in co-funding:  Three GLTAAC clients graduated from the TAAF program this month (one each in Indiana, Michigan, and Ohio).  While participating in the program, these clients completed a total of 12 business improvement projects. These firms received a combined $215K in TAAF matching funds, resulting in $430K spent to tackle crucial initiatives (and representing over 3,400 hours of outside consulting assistance). Learn more about the kinds of projects the TAAF program co-funds here.

GLTAAC client starts 7th skills training project:  A metrology firm in Indiana just began a training project which will be 50% funded by the TAAF program.  The training class will be conducted by an instructor from the machine manufacturer.  This is the 7th in a series of hands-on training projects designed to improve the firm’s worker skills and productivity. [3033]

October 20, 2016

Michigan firm continues re-branding effort: A GLTAAC consumer-goods client recently began two marketing projects as part of their overall growth strategy.  One project will specifically address re-branding, while another will enhance a newly-created website. Both projects were identified as priorities in the firm’s TAAF Adjustment Plan.

September 23, 2016

Ohio electronics firm begins 2 projects via TAAF:  This Dayton-area GLTAAC client is using TAAF co-funding for custom programming to upgrade a key component of its primary product.  A second project is helping the manufacturer improve its management team’s skills via a 3-month leadership training program.  Both projects were identified in the company’s Adjustment Plan, and are 50% funded by the TAAF program. [3055]

September 19, 2016

TAAF co-funded research identifies diversification path for Michigan manufacturer:  A Michigan GLTAAC client recently concluded an extensive market research project as part of their TAAF Adjustment Plan.  This ‘deep dive’ examined seven new market segments in detail and ultimately selected four segments with immediate growth potential. In addition, targeted sales materials were created to kick-start the firm’s selling efforts.  The TAAF program split the bill with the company for this intense market research effort.  [3038]

September 14, 2016

Ohio automotive supplier to enter TAAF program:  After being hit hard by import competition from China, this family-run manufacturer turned to GLTAAC for help.  GLTAAC submitted the firm’s petition (the first step in the TAAF process), which was recently approved.  Now the manufacturer is working with GLTAAC in the next step of the TAAF process — development of their Adjustment Plan. [3064]

September 1, 2016

Indiana manufacturer qualifies for TAAF program:  With sales suffering from import competition, this firm turned to GLTAAC for help.  The manufacturer’s TAAF petition is now approved, which moves them to the next phase of the process – creating the Adjustment Plan.  Although GLTAAC does the “heavy lifting,” authoring the plan is a collaborative effort with the firm.  After the Adjustment Plan is approved, TAAF co-funding will be available to help the manufacturer invest in critical projects designed to meet their specific needs.

August 29, 2016

TAAF program application successful for Michigan firm:  Now that their TAAF petition (application) has been approved, GLTAAC will begin working with a Michigan manufacturer to prepare their Adjustment Plan.  The plan will determine how TAAF co-funding can help the medical supplies manufacturer build on their strengths so their TAAF matching funds can make the most of market opportunities.

July 13, 2016

Precision machine shop hires MEP for sales improvement project:  A Michigan GLTAAC client just kicked off a sales development initiative with the state’s MEP (the Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center) using the TAAF program to pay for 50% of the cost.  This is the company’s second project with MMTC supported by the program.  It includes market research, sales and market planning, rep search, and sales management mentoring.  This is the firm’s 4th cost-shared TAAF project overall. [3057]

July 1, 2016

Scott Jacobs interviewGLTAAC Director, Scott Jacobs, was recently interviewed for the “Business Today” series, which is produced by the City of Farmington Hills Economic Development Corporation (MI), and hosted by its Director, Khalfani Stevens.  Watch the entire video here, or skip to Scott’s discussion of the TAAF Process.


June 20, 2016

New GLTAAC client off to a great start:  This Indiana injection molding company will begin the TAAF program by using matching funds to implement an inbound marketing effort with the goal of increasing sales.  This project is one of several initiatives identified their Adjustment Plan.  GLTAAC collaborated with the firm to develop the plan, which will serve as a guide for business improvements over the next 3 to 5 years.

June 13, 2016

Next steps now clear for Ohio firm:  A custom manufacturer used TAAF co-funding to develop a succession plan. The company is now systematically transferring leadership to the next generation of owners. [3050]

June 6, 2016

Ohio precision machining firm completes preventive maintenance project:  This client used TAAF matching funds to inspect and establish controls for their electrical system.  The project uncovered – and corrected – several hazards, increasing safety for the firm and its employees. [3016]

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May 31, 2016

GLTAAC client puts emphasis on marketing:   This Ohio equipment manufacturer recently began a long-term project to implement a comprehensive marketing plan.  The firm’s goal is not only to expand its domestic market, but also to address global demand and increase exports. [3042]

May 10, 2016

Indiana manufacturer begins quality system project:  TAAF funds will help this firm implement a quality inspection system.  The project addresses a need in the manufacturer’s Adjustment Plan  to improve quality, productivity, and reduce operating costs.

April 15, 2016

TAAF to help 19th century Michigan firm compete in the 21st century-  GLTAAC submitted a petition this month for a 120+ year-old Michigan manufacturer. The firm will use TAAF matching funds to build on their heritage by broadening their market and increasing productivity.

March 1, 2016

GLTAAC and Ohio client finalize recovery plan –  GLTAAC has submitted an Adjustment Plan for a southwestern Ohio electronics manufacturer.  The firm will use TAAF co-funding to  make enterprise-wide efficiency improvements as well as to support product development and product launch efforts.

February 12, 2016

TAAF client begins in-depth market research – A Western Michigan manufacturer began an intensive market research project this month as part of their TAAF recovery plan.  The company will use TAAF matching funds to identify additional markets for a new product.  The research results will help the firm determine which segments have the highest potential, enabling the company to make Go/No-Go decisions for each segment and develop marketing plans for the best prospects.

January 28, 2016

Michigan manufacturer enters program – GLTAAC submitted a TAAF petition this month for a southern Michigan precision turning shop.  The firm will work with GLTAAC to develop and implement an action plan using program co-funding to improve its global competitiveness.

January 15, 2016

Michiana client achieves ISO 9001 certification – after completing a 6-month documentation, prep and training project last year, this small Indiana machining firm just passed its registration audit (also done through the TAAF program).   Quality certification is a key component of the company’s recovery plan, as it will expand its sales opportunities and enable it to keep major customers. [3041]

December 10, 2015

Sales the first focus for new GLTAAC client – The newest GLTAAC client wasted no time in getting started on their recovery plan. This Michigan 5-axis machine shop was ready to go as soon as their Adjustment Plan was approved. They immediately started with a sales coaching project, and then will move on to address improvements in training, efficiency, and quality. [3052]

December 1, 2015

New website helps GLTAAC client expand their market – A Michigan manufacturer recently had a great start in the TAAF program. Their first project used program matching funds to develop a new website. This is only the first step in their TAAF Adjustment Plan, which initially addresses new sales, and then will focus on productivity and cost management. [3051]

October 12, 2015

TAAF client completes program with new web presence: A Michigan precision machining firm just completed a Web Marketing project co-funded by GLTAAC. This $16,000 project took the firm’s website marketability to the next level by upgrading their website and beginning campaigns in blog marketing, social media marketing, and a rhythm of regular newsletters. This client joined the program five years ago and, with this final capstone project, has profitably used all of its available program funding. [2975]

September 17, 2015

Manufacturing Trade Deficit on Track for Worst Year Ever: Through the first 7 months of 2015, the U.S. trade deficit in manufactured goods was on pace to exceed $830 billion for the year. Manufacturing imports totaled $1,123 billion in January – July, up 1% compared to like-2014. Manufacturing exports for the same period were just $658 billion, which was down 5%.

Assuming this trend continues for August – December, manufacturing imports will reach $1.969 trillion for the full year, while exports will hit $1.136 trillion, for a trade deficit of $833 billion. The manufacturing trade deficit in 2014 was $754 billion, the highest level ever in nominal terms.

Unless things improve, 2015 will be a record in real terms, as well. The highest manufacturing trade deficit ever was in 2007. It was $810 billion that year, measured in 2015 dollars.

It should be noted that conditions are NOT likely improve. In fact, the most current data available are only through July, and in early August, China lowered its exchange rate against the dollar. This effectively made Chinese imports to the U.S. less expensive, while increasing the cost of our exports to China. This will almost certainly accelerate our trade deficit in manufactured goods. (China is responsible for about half of our entire manufacturing trade deficit.) August trade numbers are not scheduled to be released until October 6th.

GLTAAC can help manufacturers struggling against import competition – read more here about How TAAF Works.

September 8, 2015

New participant to use TAAF funds for diversification: GLTAAC submitted a petition for a plastic injection molder in western Indiana.  This precision molder plans to use program funding for a website upgrade to help them diversify to reduce their dependence on the automotive industry.  In addition, the GLTAAC planning process will help identify other needed uses for TAAF funding.

September 1, 2015

TAAF helping firm rebound from a drop in OEM orders: A manufacturer of high-precision, large-diameter parts for off-road heavy vehicle industries began the TAAF qualification process in August 2015. GLTAAC prepared and submitted the petition for this southwest Michigan firm. The manufacturer looks forward to the TAAF planning process, and assistance with projects, as they rebound from drastic downturns in orders from their large, OEM customers.

August 18, 2015

Healthcare electronics manufacturer: A southwest Ohio electronics manufacturer was accepted into the TAAF program this week. GLTAAC compiled and submitted their application in mid-July. The company serves the heathcare market and has been losing business to low cost Korean imports. It is scheduled to begin the TAAF planning process in September.

August 15, 2015

Indiana manufacturer in TAAF planning process:  In mid-August, GLTAAC conducted an assessment visit at the site of a newly-certified northern Indiana food industry machinery manufacturer that has been hurt by imports. This visit yielded information and insights that will help GLTAAC produce an adjustment plan to guide the firm’s use of program funding.

August 12, 2015

New website project focuses on increasing sales: A Michigan manufacturer is using TAAF funds for a detailed website user experience project, including analysis of how customers use an online product configurator. TAAF is providing matching funds for the $24K project which directly supports the objectives in the client’s Adjustment Plan. [2993]

July 6, 2015

Leadership and Coaching Grows Firm’s Capabilities – A northern Indiana manufacturer completed a one year coaching and leadership development project. Working regularly with an experienced coach and trainer, key managers completed detailed assessments, set performance goals and received guidance throughout the year.  The participants improved management practices, work more closely as a team, and elevated communication across the business. [3020]

June 22, 2015

2014 was the best year ever for TAAF program grad

After almost 6 years of working with GLTAAC, this southwest Ohio producer of capital equipment is now done with the TAAF program. The company started lean manufacturing, developed and implemented a new marketing and sales plan, upgraded their ERP system, and undertook additional worker training with GLTAAC support.

Per the President, “We have had significant growth directly related to the strategic plan and projects we did through the program. We were running at a loss when we started [the TAAF program] during the recession. But now, after more than 40 years in business, we had a record year last year.” The company posted 2014 sales of over $25 million and currently has more than 150 employees. [3000]

June 11, 2015

Washington Post article highlights the TAAF program: Here’s how the government tries to save businesses before free trade destroys them.

June 2, 2015

Market Research and Planning – Last month, a Michigan manufacturer of cooling systems embarked on a project, co-funded by the TAAF program, to conduct market research and develop a marketing plan to help achieve growth in adjacent markets. The consultant who won this competitively bid project was MMTC (Michigan Manufacturing Technology Center), a non-profit entity. [3045]

May 28, 2015

Improving through lean training – GLTAAC is helping a northwest Indiana firm with funding for lean manufacturing training via the Purdue University Technical Assistance Program (Purdue TAP). The program will cover a series of five key training topics as the firm begins its lean journey.

May 13, 2015

E-Commerce Upgrade – GLTAAC is helping a northern Indiana supplier to the RV industry improve its marketing reach to further bolster its improving sales. This client just started a 3-month long, $49,800 project that will be funded 50% by GLTAAC. The project will update and overhaul the firm’s multiple websites and place them on a more robust platform that can handle the firm’s increasing e-commerce sales volumes. [2989]

May 11, 2015

New precision machine shop in Michigan enters program.

The U.S. Economic Development Administration approved the TAAF Petition of a southeast Michigan company today, certifying the firm as trade-impacted and making them eligible to move forward with the program. The company will be starting the planning phase of the program later this month.

Over the past two years, this precision machining firm has suffered a 50% drop in sales, due in large part to extremely strong competition in their market niche, especially from Japan. A major thrust of their TAAF projects will be rebuilding this lost business, as well as improving productivity and reducing variable costs.

May 1, 2015

MAC Leads with Lean Training at Edison Community College

Over the past 3 months, Manufactured Assemblies Corp. (MAC) in Dayton, OH pumped up their lean expertise by sending seven members of the management team and nine front-line employees to lean leadership training at Edison Community College. Tuition fees for the training were co-funded by the TAAF program. The MAC team wanted to go beyond the lean best practices they have learned over the years through several iterations of lean-training, six-sigma black belt and green belt training initiatives. The purpose of the program this spring was to improve and invigorate lean thinking and communication throughout the company. According to Ken Haupt, Corporate Quality Manager, “We know that being a lean enterprise is more than Kaizen events and other tools. The real value in lean is when a culture of continuous improvement is embraced and supported everywhere.”

April 2, 2015

Web success – Three months after a website overhaul that was co-funded by the TAAF program, website traffic is up 60% and sales are up 34% for an Indiana client firm that manufactures test equipment.  Management attributes the traffic increase directly to the newly-designed website and the search engine optimization that was included.  The firm President says, “We are encouraged with the results.  The new website has already drawn inquiries from Europe and Mexico, markets we’ve had difficulty reaching in the past.”  [3039]

February 18, 2015

Quick start – In December, 2014 GLTAAC welcomed into the program a mid-Michigan manufacturer of machinery for the automotive industry.  A key part of the firm’s plan to compete with imports is to develop new products.  GLTAAC began co-funding the work of two outside design firms to accelerate the development of its key new product initiative. [3047]

January 18, 2015

Marketing planning – GLTAAC is supporting a western Michigan defense/aerospace supplier in its desire to diversify.  We helped the firm to competitively bid the job of performing market research and developing a marketing plan to guide diversification efforts.  This $16K project, co-funded by the TAAF program, is expected to complete mid-year. [3044]

July 9, 2014
credit: Dayton Daily News

credit: Dayton Daily News

An Ohio manufacturer used GLTAAC funds to implement lean practices, becoming more competitive and growing its workforce.
Growing in Vandalia, with Help from Michigan, from the Dayton Daily News via Bloomberg Businessweek




January 5, 2013

An Indiana investment casting firm leveraged resources from the GLTAAC program to drive innovation. LaPorte firm casts net for innovation assistance, from The Times of NW Indiana

Photo courtesy of The Times of NW Indiana

Photo courtesy of The Times of NW Indiana









November 14, 2012

A Government Program that Actually Helps Entrepreneurs, from Inc. Magazine

January 27, 2012

President Obama visited Michigan to discuss a new insourcing jobs initiative, offering remarks to a Michigan audience that were pertinent for GLTAAC’s three state region.  In the 3 minute video clip, the President shares these important remarks: (min. 1:30) “I want congress to … start rewarding companies who are hiring here and investing here and creating good jobs here in Michigan and here in the United States of America.”

Read full press release here.

September 22, 2011

Help Offered to Businesses Stung by Imports, from the Cadillac News

September 22, 2011

Companies hurt by foreign competition can receive help, from the Midland Daily News

August 5, 2011

Local knife manufacturer cuts waste with grant’s help, from the Dayton Daily News

April 30, 2011

Bilstein of America, based in Hamilton, Ohio, is in the TAAF program due to trade issues related to their product – high-end shock absorbers. With GLTAAC assistance, they recently completed a lean and leadership initiative named “Transformation Eagle”. This project is an example of the type of improvements trade-impacted manufacturers are conducting with a wide-variety of different private sector consultants through the program. View Bilstein’s video, created to congratulate their own employees.

The results have been significant.

  • OEE (Operational Equipment Effectiveness) in the focus area increased 42%
  • “Hot Jobs” reduced by 67%
  • Communication and Respect, a new metric increased from 65% to 87%
  • Increased space utilization in logistics areas by 18%
  • Inventory location accuracy improved from 65% to 96%
  • Pick cycle time reduced by 52%
March 3, 2008

Battling Back Against Imports: UM Center Helps Midwest Companies Face Globalism, from WWJ News Radio


September 2, 2007

Trade center assists Ohio businesses hurt by imports, from Dayton Daily News


March 1, 2006

Managing Globalization: A lifelline for small U.S. companies, from the International Herald Tribune

Press Releases

August 23, 2011

Global Competition Pushes Michigan Firms To Improve

July 14, 2011

Ohio Companies Retool to Compete with Overseas Competition