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GLTAAC has been in existence since 1983 and has successfully assisted hundreds of small manufacturers in Ohio, Indiana, and Michigan that have been negatively impacted by imports. We have experience working with firms in virtually every manufacturing industry in the region. Through the TAAF program, we help companies identify, develop, staff, implement, manage, and finance business improvement projects designed to increase their global competitiveness. For more information about the TAAF process, go here.

GLTAAC does not implement client projects itself. Rather, we provide companies up to $75,000 in co-funding to pay for outside private-sector consultants, trainers, or other service providers to do them. This enables clients to use the best possible provider for every project. It also means GLTAAC can be an unbiased advisor, as we have no incentive to recommend any particular project or consultant. For examples of projects companies complete through the program, go here.

We are eager to learn about experts who share our mission to serve small and mid-size manufacturers that are facing unprecedented challenges. We regularly provide consultants for consideration to firms in our program when they are seeking outside expertise and evaluating options. We do not, however, use a preferred list of consultants.

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