Projects We Fund

The challenges faced by small companies vary greatly. The strength of our program is in its flexibility to address specific needs. GLTAAC helps companies identify, select, secure and finance the best outside expertise (typically a professional consultant, but not always) for each improvement project. Many firms identify this outside expertise themselves. Other times GLTAAC assists with the search for the right resource. Firms can qualify for up to $75,000 in matching funds to help with the cost of business improvement projects.

Read more about actual projects our clients have completed via the TAAF program:

Further examples of projects

Marketing and Sales
  • sales training
  • lead generation
  • website development
  • market diversification
  • product planning
  • market research
  • new product development
  • distribution and merchandising strategies
  • review of sales organization
  • product pricing
  • customer service audit
  • customer quoting
  • export assistance
  • quality certifications (including transitions to IATF 16949)
  • employee training
  • facility and equipment layout
  • inventory control and scheduling
  • cost identification and reduction
  • engineering training
  • productivity improvement
  • work measurement and standards
  • lean manufacturing
  • Six Sigma
Management and Systems
  • business process reengineering
  • financial planning
  • cost accounting
  • organizational analysis
  • human resource planning
  • ERP selection
  • software selection, customization and training