“Working with GLTAAC has been a great experience.  The funding has been used to support several facets of our business – sales, operations and education. In a challenging industry, these improvements give us the tools to keep our operation viable into the future.”
—Jay Harmeyer, Vice President, Fisher Cast Steel


Fisher Cast Steel (FCS) is a foundry in West Jefferson, Ohio that specializes in sand and investment castings in stainless, carbon and other alloys. The company, which was founded in 1957, supplies a variety of industries including food processing, power and energy, and aerospace.

Around 2013, rising imports started affecting sales, and over the next three years, revenues declined by nearly 20%. FCS remained financially sound, though it was clear to the firm that they needed to continue improving in order to maintain existing customers and attract new ones. FCS entered the TAAF program in early 2017.


Working with GLTAAC, the company developed an Adjustment Plan that focused on investing in their employees, quality program, software, and equipment. Following their plan, FCS has completed several projects through the TAAF program to date.

  • The company overhauled its website to better highlight its strong capabilities.
  • A move to a new ERP system improved both productivity and customer service.
  • Quality training for staff enabled the firm to update its ISO quality certification (which was desired by many potential customers).
  • And FCS is currently using the program to design a new furnace to replace one that is aging and less efficient.


FCS will soon complete the TAAF program and the firm’s competitiveness is much improved. Sales have rebounded significantly and FCS is now better positioned to grow and stay viable for years to come.

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